3Doodler Create Review

3Doodler is the company that first created a 3D printing pen. Over the years, they have come out with new and improved versions of their original device. And their latest model is the 3Doodler Create, which should now replace the original 3Doodler 2.0! According to the company, the new model is easier to use and has an improved drive system. So this review is to find out how good the new 3Doodler Create really is and if the improvements are worth it!

In The Box

  • 3Doodler Create Pen
  • 50 Plastic Strands in 8 colors
  • Nozzle tweezers
  • Mini screwdriver
  • Steel rod
  • Power Adapter


The new 3Doodler Create is better than their original version on every single way. It has a much improved build quality and design that you will notice immediately. For example the shape, which now resembles more of a pen than before. It’s much thinner and instead of the curved design it had before, it’s now sleek and sharp. 3Doodler has also made some changes in the materials used on the pen. The body is now made out of aluminium which makes the 3D pen feel high end and more comfortable in your hand. You also get to choose between 6 color types: Rose Gold, Smoky Blue, Star Trek Blue, Butterscotch, Powder Blue and Hint of Lime.

3Doodler Create Design

There are also some extras on the pen such as different buttons and an LED light. The buttons can be used to control the temperature, change the speed and extrude the plastic. Basically everything that you need to 3D print with it. The LED light indicates when the pen has reached the required temperature to start printing. So you don’t have to guess when it’s ready.

3Doodler Create In The Box

Besides the Create pen, 3Doodler has also included some accessories in the box. You get these small tweezers that are used to remove the nozzle in case you need to swap it. There is also a mini screwdriver for manually adjusting the temperature and a steel rod to clean the inside tube. And of course a power adapter that powers the pen. For printing, you also get 50 plastic strands that come in 8 different colors.


The best part about the 3Doodler Create is that it’s really easy to use. To get started, you first need to connect the 3D pen to the power adapter. After that, you pick the right heat settings on the side of the pen. As in you push the slider to HI or LO, depending on which plastic you use. The 3Doodler Create works with ABS, PLA and FLEXY plastics. Next you slide in a strand of plastic and wait until the indicator light turns green. That’s when the nozzle has reached the required temperature.

Once you have done all that, you are now ready to print. There are two extrude buttons near the nozzle which are “fast” and “slow”. If you are just getting started, then I recommend first using the slow speed. It will help you get used to the flow and the movement. In order to stop printing, you just need to push the button once again. That’s really all there is to it, nothing complicated at all. The overall performance of the 3Doodler Create is excellent. I haven’t ran into any troubles yet and the printing is smooth. Everything works as it’s supposed to.

If this is your first time 3D printing, then I also recommend downloading some stencils off the 3Doodler website. You can print those out on paper and then just print on them with the pen. This is a great way to get better and you don’t have to spend any extra money. Plus there are some interesting stencils there as well that you might actually like and want to create!


If you want a fantastic and reliable 3D printing pen, then I definitely recommend the 3Doodler Create. It’s great for both beginners and intermediates who don’t want to run into any troubles for printing. 3Doodler has done a great job at improving it’s quality and making the pen even better than the previous versions!

8.1 Total Score

Build Quality
Compatible Plastic