Action Camera Reviews

Cameras are the most used devices for capturing moments. To be exact, they are also one of the only type of devices that’s capable of that. And not only can you use them to take photos but you can also record videos of your favorite moments! And nowadays they are everywhere. Not just the bulky DSLR’s but they are also part of your phones. Lately it feels like the camera quality is everything that a phone is rated by. But the problem with that is the price!

Phones with high end cameras cost a lot and sometimes you want to capture something that can be a bit risky. Like recording your snowboarding trip or downhill biking for example! That’s where action cameras are still the market leaders at! They are tiny and incredibly durable cameras that can record videos at a much better quality than your phone and survive even the roughest conditions. Lately there have even been models designed for travel videos. And we review all of them! Plus we have also got a comparisons section where you can see how they compare with each other as well.