Anker Soundcore 2 Review

Anker Soundcore 2 Review

Wireless technology is a fantastic feature that lets devices communicate with each other from a distance. It’s mostly talked about when someone mentions wireless charging, but most forget that Bluetooth devices can be considered wireless as well! The best example is Bluetooth speakers, which have gotten extremely popular. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the computer accessories brand Anker has also got their very own Soundcore 2 Bluetooth speaker! Today we are going to see how good it really is.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 168×56×48 mm / 6.6×2.2×1.9″
  • Weight: 414 g / 0.91 lbs
  • Bluetooth range: 20 m / 66 ft
  • Audio output: 2 x 6W
  • Features: IPX 5 waterproof rating
  • Battery: 5200 mAh Li-On
  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours

In The Box

  • Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth speaker
  • Micro USB charging cable


The Anker Soundcore 2 has a simple rectangular shape with rounded corners. It has a dimension of 168×56×48 mm / 6.6×2.2×1.9″ and weighs 414 g / 0.91 lbs. It’s definitely not the lightest Bluetooth speakers but it’s not heavy either. I actually really like the weight as it makes the speaker stay on a desk and not constantly move around. It also makes the speaker feel solid when holding it. I’d say that it’s still pretty portable and I didn’t have any problems with taking it on a hike. I kept it in my backpack so that probably helped as well.

Anker Soundcore 2 Design

The speaker it self is made out of plastic. You do get to choose between three colors: matte black, red and blue. All of the colors look nice in my opinion. There are also 5 buttons on the top of the speaker. Those include power, volume up and down, play/pause and pairing with Bluetooth. The speaker even has a 3.5 mm audio input on the right side, along with a microUSB port for charging.

Ah and the Soundcore 2 actually has an IPX 5 waterproof rating. What it means is that you don’t need to worry about rain. You can spray water at it from any angle and it will be fine. However, it’s not waterproof so I don’t recommend bring it into a pool.

Sound Quality & Battery Life

The Soundcore 2 has a pretty decent audio. Obviously you shouldn’t expect a large sized speaker quality but it’s still good. It has actually got quite a nice amount of bass, which is fantastic for anyone who enjoys listening to EDM and Hip-Hop. I also want to add that it handles drums as well and I also enjoyed listening to Rock music with the Anker speaker.

Despite being so small, the Soundcore 2 can get quite loud. You most definitely won’t have a problem with volume. That said, you aren’t going to want to listen to music on full volume either. The audio output is 6W, which means that the music quality gets worse at a certain point. So I recommend keeping the volume at around medium. This is loud enough that everyone near the speaker can hear the music.

The volume level does also affect the battery life. I managed to get around the promised 24 hours when I kept the volume at a low level. You’ll probably get around 22 hours if you up the volume to medium.

Wireless Connectivity

This is a wireless speaker so you don’t need any cables to connect it to your audio source. What you do need is a Bluetooth connection. Which is why these portable Bluetooth speakers are usually used with smartphones. Plus it’s really easy to pair it with your phone. You don’t even need to download an App. Just switch on your phones Bluetooth, keep it near the speaker, press the pair button and you are good to go.

The speaker has a wireless range of 20 m / 66 ft so you don’t need to stand exactly next to it. I do want to point out that this is only possible outdoors without anything in between your phone and the speaker. The range is much smaller if there are objects between. I did use it indoors as well and I didn’t notice any changes in the music quality when I took my phone to another room. So you don’t really need to worry about the wireless range. It’s more than enough.

PS! You can only pair it to one device at a time. If you wish to connect it to another wireless device then you’ll first need to un-pair it.


Anker has done a great job at making the Soundcore 2 easy and pleasant to use. There is obviously some distort when you listen to music at full volume but that’s normal considering the size and the price. So overall the Anker Soundcore 2 is currently one of the best bang for buck portable Bluetooth speakers. There aren’t really any other brands that can deliver a better sound quality in the same price range. You can also take a look at the Anker Soundcore Boost if you are looking for something more powerful. It does cost more but it also has a better sound quality.