Apollo Graphene Battery Power Bank

Apollo Graphene Battery Power Bank

Power banks are excellent for keeping your devices running. Especially when you are far from any power outlets. Most of the current power banks take forever to charge and they are mostly used for smartphones. But what if you want to charge your MacBook or a Nintendo Switch? This wasn’t really possible because of the old USB 3.0 standard. However things have changed now that new devices have a USB-C connector!

The new Apollo power bank is exactly capable of doing that. It can easily charge your iPhone X and MacBook without a problem. Plus it can be recharged in just 20 minutes. All that is possible thanks to USB-C and a new Graphene battery. And of course the creators at Elecjet!

Apollo Power Bank

Apollo is the first ever power bank that has a Graphene battery. It’s the key to reaching rates no other power bank has managed to achieve. You can charge gadgets at up to 40W, which fully charges an iPhone X and iPhone 8 in 90 minutes. You can also use the USB-C connector to charge other devices such as a MacBook and other laptops from Dell and Lenovo. Anything that is compatible with a USB-C port. Elecjet does also have an adapter called the Anywatt. It will allow you to also connect to power adapters, which makes the Apollo compatible with absolutely any device.

Anywatt Adapter Apollo Power Bank

The Graphene battery has a capacity of 6000mAh. And yes, it only takes around 20 minutes to fully charge it as it charges the battery at 60W. With just a 10 minute charge, you can fully charge one iPhone 7 plus.

It’s quite clear that people have been waiting for a power bank like Apollo. It has already reached it’s goal of $10,000 and gathered over €77,000 with 16 more days to go. The power bank starts at $59 which is a fantastic price for such a device. If you are interested in Apollo, then check them out on Kickstarter. Shipping is estimated to start in March 2018.