Apple Might Allow Developers To Access NFC Chips

iMate Apple Docking Station

A recent leak implies that Apple might soon provide developers a better access to NFC chips in the newest iOS for iPhones and Apple Watch. This would give developers a possibility to turn the devices into key cards or public transportation tickets.

The apps will receive the ability to read ISO 7816 based NFC sensors. This standard is common amongst most ID and public transportation cards. It also supports FeliCa and MiFare standards. It basically means that you can use your iPhone to access restricted areas or for validating your bus tickets.

The new iOS 13 also comes with an update for Siri. It will most probably be able to control music that’s played by 3rd party apps. But also find better travel information and they have apparently improved the search function as well.

There are also some rumors about developers being able to create augmented reality, better access to the vibration motor and new easier ways to create apps for both macOS and iOS.

Obviously this is nothing but a leak at this moment. The official details will most probably be revealed at the Apple developers conference (WWDC2019) in 3rd June 2019.