BEERMKR: An Urban Beer Brewing Machine

I have been living in the city my entire life and lately I have been more and more interested in craft beers. Not only in drinking them but I have also wanted to brew my own patch. Especially considering how popular brewing currently is. But I have never had the place do it. Well it seems that I might actually have a chance now, as a new urban beer brewing machine has surfaced on Kickstarter. It’s called the BEERMKR and it’s been created by a company called BrewJacket!

The BEERMKR machine is like no other. It’s the only brewing device that includes everything from start to finish, even the fermentation process! Plus it’s also incredibly smart and the whole process is automated. You can even control everything from your phone.

BEERMKR Schematics

The way it works is also pretty simple. Inside the machine you’ll find a recyclable brew pouch. It’s connected to different chambers with quick disconnect valves, which makes it easier to take everything out. All you need is the ingredients and water. You just add everything into the container and turn on the machine. The BEERMKR knows exactly when to add and remove all of the ingredients. Once everything is processed, the remains are deposited into the collection bin underneath the brew pouch. Which leaves you with a fresh batch of peer in the pouch, without any need for cleaning.

Next it begins to ferment the beer. It monitors the CO2 concentration and adjust temperature based on the situation. This process takes around a week and the machine sends you a notification once the beer is ready to be taken out. Besides the BEERMKR machine, you also get a draft dispenser. Once the beer is ready, you pour it into the dispenser, attach it to a CO2 cartridge and store it in the fridge. This will carbonate the beer in 24 hours so you have the real deal.

The BEERMKR machine is an incredibly innovative way of brewing beer. Everything about the process is automatic and you can even add your own touch by adding different ingredients, such as berries. The creators of the machine are currently seeking for funding on Kickstarter. They have already beaten their original $100,000 goal by raising over $202,000 with 20 days left to go. The whole system currently costs $329. There’s no information yet on shipping dates but hopefully they will inform about those soon.