Best Qi Wireless Receivers For Smartphones

Best Qi Wireless Receivers

Wireless chargers are everywhere now. There are literally tons available. But the real issue is that not all smartphones include it yet. And buying a new one just for wireless charging is stupid. Especially if you only recently bought your ideal phone. Don’t worry though, you can still enable your Android smartphone or iPhone to be compatible with wireless charging. The only way to do that is by getting a separate wireless receiver. Now which standard you get is up to you, PMA or Qi. In this article I’m going to be showing the best Qi wireless receivers for both Android smartphones and iPhones. I have chosen Qi because it is the most popular wireless charging standard and also cheaper than PMA.

Wireless receivers are basically small thin film strips that are placed on the back of your smartphone. They are connected to it via a little cable coming out of the receiver that is plugged into the smartphones microUSB port. To keep the receiver in place, it is advised to use a plain plastic cover. Nothing too big or thick though as it will interfere with charging. There are also some more expensive Qi solutions available. Such as cases that already have the wireless receivers built in. Some even come with an external battery. I’m going to name the best of all types so you can pick the one you like the most.

Rerii Universal Qi Wireless Charging Receiver (Android)

Rerii Universal is a Qi wireless charging receiver for Android smartphones. It is the super slim film strip type that I was talking about. It costs $10 on amazon with free shipping for Prime members. I picked this one because it is super slim, it can actually fit under the actual back cover of your smartphone. Doesn’t require an extra case. Also the cable and microUSB connector has a pretty good quality. As you can see, it has even been rated 3.9/5 on amazon.

Rerii Universal Qi Wireless Receiver

If you are looking for a cheap way to add wireless charging to your smartphone then this is the best product for that. The problem with Androids is that there are so many different smartphones available. Because of that, there aren’t any cases with built-in wireless receivers for Androids. So the only way to add wireless charging to an Android is the wireless receiver strip.

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LANIAKEA Qi Wireless Charging Receiver (All iPhones with Lightning port)

LANIAKEA Wireless Receiver iPhone

LANIAKEA has created the world’s thinnest Qi wireless charging receiver for all iPhones that have a lightning port. It is available on amazon for $14 and can be shipped for free with Prime. It has also got a high rating of 3.8/5. This is a super thin (0.5mm) wireless receiver patch/strip. Because iPhone’s don’t have a removable back cover like most Androids do, then in order to fix this receiver, you are going to need to cover it with an external case. Just use a plastic one and you will be good. It will work through it without any issues. It connects to your iPhone with the Lightning cable port. So if you want to connect a cable, then you will need to remove the receiver and re-plug it once you are done.

I actually prefer this solution over the cases that I’m going to name next. The reason for that is because the LANIAKEA wireless receiver is much cheaper and it doesn’t make your smartphone as bulky as large wireless cases.

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BEZALEL Latitude [Qi + PMA] (iPhone 6, 6S)

BEZALEL Latitude is the best and most versatile iPhone case with built in wireless receiver for both Qi and PMA. It has an amazing quality and it doesn’t make your smartphone bulkier at all. It actually looks good as well. This however does make come at a price. The BEZALEL Latitude costs $40 on amazon and it is shipped for free with Prime. It is also the highest rated wireless receiver case with 4.1/5.


I would recommend this case if you have a Qi charger at home/car but also frequently visit public places such as Starbucks or McDonalds. Those 2 places have free to use PMA wireless chargers so you can take advantage of that with this case.

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