The 7 Best Wireless Chargers For Smartphones

Transferring electricity through air isn’t a new concept. It’s been talked about for decades and only now are we starting to see the first improvements at bringing it to consumers. Just imagine not having to use any cables to charge your phone. Walk into a room and have your devices charged through your pockets. That’s the idea of wireless charging. Sadly we ain’t there yet, but wireless charging has still reached the masses. The best wireless chargers act as special charging stations for your phone. They simply require you to place your phone onto a flat surface that transfers electricity to your phone without any cables.

The increasing popularity however has made it difficult to find the best wireless chargers. We have gone through plenty of different charging pads that have either not worked, heated up or just been bad. That’s why we put together this list of our top wireless chargers.

Model: Amazon Rating: Charging Power: Features: Price:
Samsung Convertible Charging Pad 4.6/5 9W / 2A Fast Wireless Charge, Convertible Check Amazon
Yootech Fast Charge 4.5/5 10W / 2A Fast Wireless Charge Check Amazon
Seneo Fast Wireless Charger 4.6/5 10W / 2A Fast Wireless Charge Check Amazon
Belkin Boost Up 4.4/5 15W / 2A Fast Wireless Charge Check Amazon
Nekteck Fast Wireless Pad 4.3/5 10W / 2A Fast Wireless Charge Check Amazon
MobilePal Gen-2 3.9/5 5W / 1A 10000mAh Power Bank Check Amazon
Put2Go Car Charger 4.1/5 5W / 1A Magnetic Surface, Car Support $109

1. Samsung Convertible Charging Pad

Samsung is a company that requires no introduction. Most of their newest phones have built-in wireless charging, so it’s no surprise that they also make in our eyes the best wireless charger available. Our clear favorite is their latest Convertible Charging Pad.

Samsung Convertible Best Wireless Chargers

The problem with most charging pads is that they look boring. The Samsung Convertible is anything but that. First of all it folds so it can be used both flat as a pad and angled as a dock. You can place it onto a desk or nightstand, the charger looks great everywhere. What makes the Samsung charger so much better than it’s competitors, is the premium design. It’s made out of high quality plastic plus faux leather. The matte black and leather combo give it a expensive, luxurious look that doesn’t make the charger stand out of place. Plus Samsung has had quite a bit of experience with those, so you don’t have to worry about the charger heating up your phone or damaging it.

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 113×113×25mm / 4.5×4.5×1″
  • Charging power: 9W / 2A
  • Features: Fast Wireless Charge, Convertible
  • Our review

Charging is simple as well. Samsung has used the 3 coil system to improve recognition of the phone. So the phone starts charging the second you place it on top of the charging area. It uses the Qi wireless charging standard. The charger also features the Fast Charge mode, which is only compatible with phones that support it. That includes the following: Samsung S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. You can still use the charger with other Qi supported phones as well, just that it will charge them with the standard 5W power. Which does take quite a long time to fully charge the battery.

The Samsung Convertible Charging Pad is our favorite wireless charger. It’s expensive design and fantastic quality make it truly versatile and maybe even part of the decor. If you are looking for the highest quality charger, then the Samsung is definitely for you.

2. Yootech Fast Charge

If you are on a budget, then there is no better company than Yootech. They make the best wireless chargers for people who don’t want to spend too much. The best part is that while you won’t be seeing different materials used, the quality is just as good as the premium companies, such as Samsung.

Yootech Best Budget Wireless Charger

The Yootech Fast Charge has a dimension of 140×92×8mm / 5.51×3.64×0.33″. It’s made out of plain black plastic. But the best part about the charger is its shape. It has the angled dock design, which we consider to be the best type for wireless chargers. They generally use a 3 or 2 coil system and it has some simple features that truly make it the best. First the 3 coil system makes sure that no matter how you place your phone onto the charging area, the phone will connect and start charging. You can also flip it both landscape and portrait mode. And finally the angled design allows you to see the screen and use it even while it’s charging. That’s impossible with the flat pad type chargers.

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 140×92×8mm / 5.51×3.64×0.33″
  • Charging power: 10W / 2A
  • Features: Fast Wireless Charge

Charging is as simple as it can be. It uses the Qi wireless charging standard for transferring power. So make sure that your phone is compatible with Qi charging or has the right receiver. Yootech has also added the Fast Charging feature that is only compatible with a selection of phones at the moment. Those include the Samsung S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. Oh and if you wish to use the fast charging feature, then you also need to have a Qualcomm 2.0 or 3.0 wall adapter.

Yootech Fast Charge is the best budget wireless charger. While it doesn’t have any fancy materials or super high quality plastic, the charger is built well and it works. Plus we really like the design and how we can use our phones even while it’s charging.

3. Seneo Fast Wireless Charger

Another great budget solution is the Seneo Fast Wireless charger. It costs just as much as the Yootech and has a similar design. But the small difference in the design is the main reason why we picked it. We do like the Yootech design but at the same time find the Seneo version to be more refined. It doesn’t have any curved stands, instead everything is in a straight line. You can also choose between two colors: black and white.

Seneo Fast Wireless Charger

The quality of the plastic is exactly the same on both of the wireless chargers. What we do also like about the Seneo is the size and placement of the LED light. The small LED light indicates if your phone has started charging or not. When it’s charging, the LED will turn green. The plus side is that the light is actually pretty dim and small enough that it doesn’t get annoying at nights.

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Charging power: Up to 10W
  • Features: Fast charging
  • Our review

The Seneo Fast Wireless Charger is only compatible with the Qi wireless standard. Seneo has also added the Fast Charge feature that is compatible with the following phones: Samsung S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. The charging area has a 2 coil system, which means that you can use your phone in both portrait and landscape mode. The perfect tilt of the charger allows you to look at incoming messages even while it’s charging. It’s the perfect design for an office next your monitor or laptop. PS! If you wish to use the fast charge feature then you will also need to get a wall adapter that supports it.

4. Belkin Boost Up

Belkin is an American company specialized in manufacturing phone accessories. If you have been searching for a new USB charging cable on Amazon, then you have probably seen their products. Recently Belkin innovated the wireless charger market by releasing the fastest ever consumer friendly wireless charger – the Belkin Boost Up.

BelBoost Up Wireless Charger

The Belkin Boost Up is one of the biggest wireless chargers we have ever reviewed. It has a dimension of 113x113x13mm / 4.5×4.5×0.5″. But it’s also not entirely bad as the charger is quite thin. It has the typical flat charging pad design so the size spreads out. The main reason for that is due to the size of the 15W circuit board inside the charger. There is no way to fit that into any other charger design. So we will look past that. The charger itself is made out of good quality plastic. The surface is made out of non slippery material, which is great as you don’t have to worry about your phone sliding off. The overall look is pretty modern and it looks fantastic on a glass table. There is also a rubberized bottom to prevent the charger from sliding off a desk or a table.

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 113×113×13mm / 4.5×4.5×0.5″
  • Charging power: 15W / 2A
  • Our review

Another thing that I really like is the size of the LED and it’s positioning. It’s a super small dot that’s sitting on the edge of the charging area, so it doesn’t get annoying when charging at night. Also it’s near the edge so that your phone won’t block it. A really thought out solution from Belkin. Most of the best wireless chargers use a MicroUSB cable and a wall adapter. The Belkin Boost Up wireless charger comes with its own cable and wall adapter. While it’s nice that you get it with the charger, it’s still quite bulky. But the Boost Up is meant to be as a stationary charger anyways so it doesn’t really matter.

The Belkin Boost Up uses the Qi wireless charging standard. It is also currently the fastest wireless charging available with 15W of power. Only two smartphones support that at the moment: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. If you don’t have those two phones, then you can still charge other Qi phones with either 10W (Fast Wireless Charge) and 5W (Standard), depending on if your phone supports the Fast Charging or not. The difference between the 15W and 10W charging is quite noticeable. A Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be charged in around 1 hour and 40 minutes with the Belkin Boost Up. At the same time a S6 Edge+ will take around 2 hours 20 minutes because it only supports Fast Charge (10W).

I do want to note though that the Belkin Boost Up isn’t suitable on a nightstand. The charging power comes at a cost and that’s noise. You can hear a low “tickling” sound coming from the charger that does get annoying after a while. It’s not loud or anything, just that you can hear everything around you when there’s hardly any noise at night.

5. Nekteck Fast Wireless Pad

Nekteck is yet another phone accessories company and they have come out with their own version of a wireless charging pad. We have included this one because it has a totally unique design which we really like and a fantastic price of $15.

Nekteck Fast Wireless Pad

The Nekteck Fast Wireless Pad has a pretty cool design. It’s neither a typical flat charging pad or an angled version. Instead, it’s something in between those two. It’s basically a thicker charging pad with a really small tilt. The charging surface sits at a small angle so you can read the messages on your phone while it’s charging. This is a fantastic design as it keeps the charger much smaller than the other angled chargers we have reviewed. It’s basically the best of both worlds.

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 90×90×42mm / 3.54×3.54×1.65″
  • Charging power: Up to 10W
  • 18 months of hassle free warranty

The charger is made out of some really nice plastic. It comes in black with a LED strip around it. It has a somewhat futuristic look that is fantastic next to a laptop. So again a perfect desk companion for your phone. Since the charger is so small, there isn’t a bottom stand to stop your phone from sliding off. Instead, Nekteck has added a rubber material to the charging surface which makes it non slippery. So once you place your phone onto the surface, it will stay there like it’s been glued to it. They have also added the same material to the bottom of the charger so you don’t have to worry about the charger sliding around and falling off a desk.

Like most of the best wireless chargers, Nekteck is also using the Qi wireless standard. They are using a one coil system so it may take some time at first to get the phone charging. The problem with one coil systems is that you need to get the phones receiver and the charger perfectly aligned. The charger is small though so it helps quite a bit at finding the center. It also features the Fast Charge mode with charges the following phones at 10W: Samsung S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. The fast charge feature takes around 2 hours to fully charge your phone. Almost the same amount of time that would be taken by cable. PS! Make sure that you have a fast charging adapter if you wish to enable 10W charging.

6. MobilePal Gen-2

Wireless chargers aren’t just phone docks you keep on your desk. Some companies have found ways to add wireless charging to power banks as well. The MobilePal Gen-2 is the best wireless charging power bank. It makes charging your phone truly wireless.

MobilePal Gen-2 Wireless Powerbank

The MobilePal Gen-2 looks like any other power bank. It has a dimension of 152x71x15mm / 6.0×2.8×0.6″. It does however have some cool design features. The sides of the power bank are made out of shiny steel. They actually have a chrome feel to them. The top and bottom are made out of plastic but MobilePal has done a fantastic job to make it look like leather. We were definitely fooled at first when we opened the box. They also added fake stitching around the edges to make it even more convincing that it’s leather. It’s definitely a nice touch by them as it makes the power bank look more expensive. You can also choose between the colors black and white.

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 152×71×15mm / 6.0×2.8×0.6″
  • Charging power: 5W / 1A
  • Battery capacity: 10000 mAh
  • Features: 2A USB, 1A USB, MicroUSB ports

The wireless charging feature uses the Qi standard to transfer power to your device. It has the most basic 5W charging power so don’t expect a fast charging speed. Depending on your phone, around 3 hours at least. It also uses a one coil system so it can take some time at first to get your phone to charge. You’ll have to find the right charging spot for your phone. The power bank has a capacity of 10000mAh. You can fully charge 3 devices with that, again depending on the devices. For example 2.5 Samsung Galaxy S6 and 3.5 iPhone 6 smartphones. So average 3 devices.

If you need faster charging then the power bank also comes with 1x 2A and 1x 1A USB ports. The 2A USB port can also be used to charge tablets. So technically you can charge 3 devices at the same time. The MobilePal Gen-2 is a very well priced power bank and the added wireless charging is a nice feature to have. Obviously you’ll still need to use cables if you want to charge in a bag of pockets. But it’s still great to be able to use wireless charging at a cafe to save space on the table.

7. Put2Go Car Charger

Wireless charging technology isn’t just for offices and home. We spend more and more time in our cars, so it makes sense that we also charge our phones there. Put2Go is the best wireless charger solution for cars. It allows us to drive safer as we don’t need to play around with cables while driving.

Put2Go Wireless Charger Car

The best part about the Put2Go wireless car charger is the design. It’s not like the other bulky car phone holders that take up so much space. Instead it’s just a small round disc that is attached to your cars air vent. It’s basically the same as the magnetic air vent docks for cars, just that it has a surface with wireless charging. The clip behind the charger is really well made. I have seen cheaper phone docks that always come off the air vent when you try to remove your phone. The clip on the Put2Go grabs the air vent tightly as it has springs inside the connector.

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 70×55mm / 2.75×2.16″
  • Weight: 83g / 2.9oz
  • Charging power: 5W / 1A
  • Features: Magnetic surface, clip for car air vents
  • Our review

The surface of the Put2Go is magnetic so your phone either needs to be made out of steel, or have a steel adapter. The magnet is actually really strong as well. You definitely don’t have to worry about your phone falling off if you should drive through a hole. If you wish to enable wireless charging then you’ll need to connect the Put2Go to a power source via the MicroUSB cable. Once you have done that, all you need to do is place your phone to the charging area and done. You might need to move your phone around a little until you find that perfect sweet spot. That is a bit annoying at first, especially while driving. On the plus side it gets easier with time as you get a general idea how you need to place your phone.

The charger itself uses the Qi wireless standard and generates up to 5W of power. So make sure that your phone supports Qi charging. Put2Go has also got Qi wireless receivers available. You can choose between MicroUSB (Android) and Lightning (iPhone) connectors. Those are meant to be used with a case so make sure that you get a thin case if you still want wireless charging to work. Preferably a rubber case as they are pretty thin and will allow the magnet to grab your phone through it.