Black & Decker LI2000 Review

The Black & Decker LI2000 is an inexpensive cordless screwdriver that has been on the market for a while now. Despite that, it’s still one of the most sold screwdrivers on Amazon. Which also got me curios as I have been on the look for a decent small screwdriver for a while now. It’s definitely not a professional grade power tool and more designed for households! Which is perfect for my needs so I decided to review it now.

Technical Specification

  • Speed: 180 RPM
  • Torque: 40 in-lbs
  • Features: Pivot handle
  • Connector: Hex
  • Built-in Li-On battery


The Black & Decker LI2000 has somewhat of a different design than most of the electric screwdrivers in it’s price range. First of all it has a pivot handle that can be adjusted into 3 positions. It has  a nice button there that locks the handle at the position you want. There is even this loud clicking sound that I like. Well it does usually mean that the handle is locked down tightly then and that’s the case with the LI2000 as well.

Black & Decker LI2000 Design

There is also a slider on the front of the LI2000, which allows you to also use the screwdriver in manual mode. So all you have to do is set the handle at a straight position and you can use it like a plain screwdriver. A pretty nice feature for when it loses power and you need to get the last couple of turns in. There is also a switch on top of the screwdriver, which let’s you choose forward and reverse. That switch also works as the power button. As in you need to press it down for the drill to work.

Black & Decker LI2000 Best Electric Screwdrivers

That also has a negative feature. It means that you’ll have to use two hands when you have the handle set at an angle. You can technically also get away with using one hand, but it kind of feels weird for me. So I always keep it straight. In my opinion it kind of makes the pivot handle pointless, but I guess you could use it to add extra pressure to a screw.

The cordless screwdriver also comes with an AC power adapter for charging. You also get one Philips ended and one Flat ended shank bit.


This Black & Decker cordless screwdriver is fantastic for small jobs. By that I mean tasks like removing electric outlets, installing lights into the ceiling. Or for something like assembling furniture Anything that doesn’t require too much power such as trying to screw into wood without a drilled hole. Still, there is quite a bit of torque there which is quite surprising for such a small screwdriver.

I also want to point out that Black & Decker recommends charging the screwdriver for 16 hours before using it. Also recommended to recharge after every time you use it. The battery life mostly depends on how much you use it and the force it needs to overcome. But generally it should last at least a couple of hours.


In my opinion the Black & Decker LI2000 is one of the best cordless screwdrivers available for under $20. It’s easy to use, inexpensive and get’s the basic tasks done. The overall build quality is also really good, my only wish is that they had added clips for the Hex shank bits. Because at the moment, you have to store them separately. But other than that, it’s a solid electric screwdriver if you are looking for something basic.

6.9 Total Score

One of the best cordless screwdrivers for under $20!

Build Quality