Bosch DDS181-02 Review

The Bosch DDS181-02 is a cordless drill that’s been a staple in their product line. It has been out for many years now and despite that, it’s still one of their most sold power tools. There are a couple of reasons for that but the main are reliability and price. It just is the best valued cordless drill that’s perfect for both households and professionals. That all around quality is what makes it so good. And also the reason why I finally wrote this review after years of using it.

Technical Specification

  • Weight: 1.5 kg / 3.4 lbs
  • Speed: 0-1700 RPM
  • Torque: 600 in-lbs
  • 1/2″ Keyless auto-lock chuck
  • Battery: 18V Lithium ion
  • LED light

In The Box

  • Bosch DDS181-02
  • 2x 18V Lithium ion batteries
  • Fast battery charger
  • Case


What makes the Bosch DDS181-02 such a good cordless drill is the build quality. It’s part of the Bosch blue series which is designed for professionals. As in the blue series power tools are meant for heavy duty. And that’s visible here as well. The cordless drill has a length of 178 mm / 7 inches and weighs 1.5 kg / 3.4 lbs. It does weigh quite a bit but it does also come with a positive side. The weight makes it easier to use in vertical drilling. But the weight is also very well distributed so it doesn’t actually feel that heavy when drilling horizontally either. And in the professional category, it’s actually one of the lightest models.

Bosch DDS181-02 cordless drill

The drill itself is made out of high quality and durable plastic. Just from holding it, you can already tell that it can take a beating. And that’s what the Bosch professional power tools are known for. The shape of the tool is pretty basic when it comes to cordless drills. The ergonomic handle makes it both easy and comfortable to hold. At the bottom of the handle there is even a small LED light that you can use in darker place. It lights up the surroundings pretty well and not just the front of the drill.

The Bosch DDS181-02 uses a 1/2″ keyless auto-lock chuck to keep the drill bits in place. This is again pretty standard and it works really well. I haven’t once had any problems with any of my drill bits coming loose or the chuck not tightening up properly. It’s still working as intended after 3 years which I’m extremely happy about.


Bosch is also known for their performance. And that’s also the case with this cordless drill. The main advantage of DDS181-02 is that you can change the speed depending on what you need to drill. All you have to do for that is twist the ring near the chuck. The slower mode delivers a speed between 0 to 500 RPM which also provides a higher torque. And if you choose the faster mode, then you get the speed between 0 to 1700 RPM. Which does also lower the torque. And the maximum torque is 600 inch per pound. Which is definitely enough for most households.

You can use it to easily drill into wood and drywall. Not to mention plastic and metal. For concrete however, I definitely recommend checking out something even more powerful. It’s doable but it depends on the type of concrete and it will be pretty hard on the battery.

And the battery life is actually pretty good. One charge can handle around 5 minutes of continuous drilling or 500 screws. Luckily you get two 18V Li-On batteries with the drill, which definitely makes your life easier. Just keep one charging while you use the other one. The cordless drill also comes with a faster charger that has them ready faster. Another thing that I really like about these batteries is that they keep the charge even if you haven’t used it for a few months.


If you are looking for a great overall drill for your home, then the Bosch DDS181-02 is perfect for that. Not only does it have a professional quality and performance but it’s also really affordable. You can use it all around the home and besides remodeling, you can also use it for woodworking and DIY projects.

Bosch has also given the cordless drill a 1 year warranty and the batteries come with a two year warranty. Plus I also really like that they have included a nice case for it which again is great for households. Overall a great high quality cordless drill!

8.7 Total Score

Build Quality
Battery Life