Brighten Up Your Home With Evison AutoLight

Evison AutoLight

Over the past couple of years, smart LED lights have gotten insanely popular. You can even call it the synonym of a smart home. Most of that has probably to do with the affordability. Smart lights are usually much cheaper than say robots. But they are also extremely useful. The main problem has so far been that they aren’t really sold in packages. Sure you can buy a single LED light and then find a Hub for it but that takes work. And it usually gets pretty complicated. That’s what a company called Evison is looking to change.

They have created a package of smart LED lights that they like to call AutoLight. It’s a set of lights that uses motion sensors to detect where you are and there are plenty of configurations that you can set. It’s also great for safety purposes as you don’t need to worry about tripping over anything in the dark.

The AutoLight motion sensor is quite clever. It makes the light switch on when you approach it and it automatically turns it off when you move away from it. It uses PIR Infrared Technology to detect your presence. Basically what it does is sense your body heat. The lights also have 3 operation modes: automatic, On mode and Off mode. The On and Off are basically manual modes. As in you need to flip a switch if you want to turn the lights on or off.

Evison AutoLight Package

As I mentioned before, the Evison AutoLight is more like a complete package rather than just one light. It includes a door light, a circular small wall lamp, wardrobe lamp, bedside lamp and a mirror front lamp. They are made out of eco-friendly ABS plastic and they have added a silicone bottom. Another huge plus for the smart lights is the installation process. You simply take it out of the box and attach it to the wall with a simple double sided adhesive 3M tape. No need to run any wires.

You are probably wondering how long do these lights last. Well they have a built-in 500 mAh battery, which according to Evison, should last anywhere between 4 to 6 months before you need to charge it again. Charging it back to full takes only 2 hours. And it’s charged via a standard USB cable.

Evison is currently seeking for funding via Kickstarter. All of these lights, that I have mentioned above, are included in the $39 super early pledge. As of right now, they have already beaten their initial $1000 goal by raising over $7500 with 30 days left to go. If you have been looking for a simple but smart LED light system, then definitely check them out! You can also learn more about them from their website at