Brother MFC-L2710DW Review

Brother MFC-L2710DW Review

It’s hard to find a more known printer brand than Brother. They have everything, from inkjets to lasers. And of course models for both your normal home user and professional companies. Which means that chances are that you’ll be coming across them regardless of what type of printer you are looking for. And if you are looking for a home office printer, then you have probably already seen the Brother MFC-L2710DW. It’s the highest rated monochrome laser printer that also has the most 5 star reviews! Not only is it described as fantastic for home offices but it can also apparently help you save money. Who wouldn’t want that? So that’s why I have put together a review myself as well.

Technical Specification

  • Dimension: 40.9×39.9×31.8 cm / 16.1×15.7×12.5″
  • Type: B&W Laser
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
  • Features: 2 sided printing, ADF
  • Printing speed: 32 ppm (black & white)
  • Max paper size: 8.5 x 11″
  • Standard paper size: A4
  • Paper tray capacity: 250
  • LCD screen
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB, Ethernet

In The Box

  • Brother MFC-L2710DW
  • Toner cartridge
  • DR-730 drum
  • Phone line cable
  • User manual
  • Setup CD


You can always tell a commercial printer by their design. They are much larger in size and bulkier. And the Brother MFC-L2710DW is no exception. That said, in the world of professional printers, it’s still pretty compact. Which makes it perfect for smaller businesses and home offices. It has a compact footprint as it has an overall dimension of 40.9×39.9×31.8 cm / 16.1×15.7×12.5″. And as you can see it is pretty high so you definitely need some clearance above. Especially if you want to use the scanner. It also weighs 11.6 kg / 25.6 lbs so that’s something to pay attention to as well.

Brother MFC-L2710DW Design

What’s good about Brother is that they have decades of experience with printers and their designs. For example it has a fantastic build quality. All of the lids open up without any issues and close just as smoothly. The printer is also fully made out thicker plastic that’s not exactly easy to damage. It feels incredibly sturdy and that’s always a plus. The only downside is that the power cable is already attached to the printer. So it’s pretty difficult to replace it if you should ever damage it.

The overall design and layout of everything is excellent though. You have the paper tray at the bottom level. It holds up to 250 sheets of A4 paper. Above that there is a hatch that you can pull from the front to install/replace the cartridge. It’s really easily accessible from the front. And if you have ever used Brother printers before, then you are familiar how to remove paper jams from the backside.

Brother MFC-L2710DW Panel

The frontside has also got the controller panel and a small monochrome LCD screen. It’s not a touchscreen so you have to use the physical buttons for everything. The screen is really only to display information, which is also why it’s so small. It’s definitely not the best display to use but it gets the job done.

What’s great about these commercial printers is that they include an automatic document feeder (ADF). Which means that you can load the feeder on the top with up to 50 sheets of paper and have it automatically scan or copy them. It’s really convenient when you have a lot of documents. Or you can also do it the old-fashioned way and lift up the lid to scan pages one at a time. This works for scanning books one page at a time for example.

Setting It Up

Setting up the MFC-L2710DW is incredibly easy since it is a new printer after all. It includes all the basic connection options. You can use an Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi and even USB to connect the printer to your computer. You can also use Wi-Fi to print with your phone as well. The printer supports Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Brother’s own iPrint&Scan app. This also lets you print from emails and cloud sites if you pair them up.

So basically all you do is turn on the printer and install the necessary software onto your computer and the two will automatically recognize each other. Brother is very good in that regard, they still have all of the drivers available on their website, for even the oldest printers as well. That said, the MFC-L2710DW does come with an installation CD as well, which includes a program called Nuance PaperPort 14SE. It’s a simple document management program that has built-in PDF editing functions.


So first things first, the MFC-L2710DW is a monochrome laser printer. It’s designed to print black and white documents as fast as possible. Which means that this isn’t the type of printer that you buy if you want to use it for photos. This is specifically designed for documents and that’s it. Now in terms of printing speed, this is pretty much the fastest printer you can get in its price range. It can print up to 32 pages per minute. It does take a bit longer to print out the first page as it needs to warm up but after that it’s pretty much shooting them out.

The print quality is I’d say average. Especially for a lower end monochrome laser. It can handle text really well and the fonts are all sharp and crisp. It has no problem handling even the smallest size text. Nor does it have any problems printing graphs made in PowerPoint or Excel. You do notice a drop in quality once you start printing more complex charts that have gradients. The same applies to photos as well. They are all still understandable, just don’t expect any type of marketing quality.

As I already described before, the Brother MFC-L2710DW is excellent for scanning. It has both the flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder. There is also a default scanning resolution difference between the two. When you use the flatbed, the default resolution is set to 1200 DPI. For ADF, the default resolution is set to 600 DPI.


And here comes the money saving aspect. The toner cartridge is pretty cheap and can last for up to 1273 prints. Which is actually really good. This is mostly due to it only having black toner. Which again is the main reason why this cartridge is relatively cheap.

In addition to that, the printer is capable of printing on both sides. Which is not only extremely convenient if you have a lot of documents to print but it also helps to save cost on paper. Which in the long term can add up to a noticeable amount.


The Brother MFC-L2710DW is strictly a black and white printer. It prints documents quickly and as cheap as possible. Photo and image quality is secondary. And that’s something to consider. This printer is ideal for commercial usage, especially for smaller businesses and home offices. It has great features such as Wi-Fi and double-sided printing. So if you don’t need to print in color and want a really good entry level printer, then the MFC-L2710DW is definitely a model to consider.