Canon IVY CLIQ Review

Canon IVY CLIQ Review

Canon is undoubtedly one of the leading brands when it comes to cameras. They have decades of experience in both the professional industry and consumer market. That said, the brand is also known for releasing some interesting and different products every now and then as well. This time they came out with a compact camera called the Canon IVY CLIQ. And it’s not just a camera, they have even added a printer to it! But is it worth spending any money on? Let’s find out in the review below!

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 122×81×23 mm / 4.8×3.2×0.9″
  • Weight: 170 g / 0.37 lbs
  • Photo resolution: 5 MP
  • Image format: JPEG
  • ISO: Auto (100 – 800)
  • Print resolution: 500 × 314 DPI
  • Print speed: 1 per 50 seconds
  • Max paper size: 3.0 × 2.0″
  • Print size: 3.0 × 2.0″ / 2.0 × 2.0″
  • Paper type: Canon ZINK™ Photo Paper
  • Ports: MicroUSB
  • Memory: MicroSD with Class 10 and SDXC cards, up to 256 GB
  • Battery: Built-in Li-Po 700 mAh
  • Battery life: Around 25 photos

In The Box

  • Canon IVY CLIQ
  • ZINK™ Photo Paper (10 sheets)
  • MicroUSB to USB cable
  • Wrist strap


The Canon IVY CLIQ is a social camera and you can already tell that from the simple, compact and colorful design. It has a dimension of 122×81×23 mm / 4.8×3.2×0.9″, which is basically the size of most compact cameras. The only difference is that it’s much thinner! I’m actually surprised how thin it is, especially since there is even a printer built inside it. But what really makes this particular model pop for me are the vibrant colors (blue, yellow and red) that you can choose from!

Canon IVY CLIQ Camera Design

I can definitely see it being used at festivals as that’s exactly where the design fits best at. That said, it’s fully made out of plastic so it’s not the more durable camera. Also it’s not waterproof, so avoid using it near pools. Overall it looks pretty much how you’d expect from a compact camera to look like. But I do like that Canon has added some extras as well. Such as a small mirror next to the lens. The perfect solution for taking selfies!

There aren’t any LCD screens so you’ll have to use an optical viewfinder to see what exactly you are taking a photo of. There are also 4 physical buttons. The main button is on top of the camera and it’s used for taking photos. Next to it is also a button for power and a slider for flash. The other two are on the back and those are for printing. At the bottom is where you’ll find a MicroUSB port charging and a MicroSD slot for memory. Oh and the side has a bigger slot that ejects the prints! That’s pretty much it as far the design goes. Quite simple but effective.

Photo & Printing

Despite having a built-in printer, the Canon IVY CLIQ is surprisingly easy to use. When you first get the camera, you are supposed to open up the back cover and insert 10 sheets of photo paper. After that you can close the cover and turn on the camera from the power button. You will get an indication from the top LED light that the camera is operational. There are different colors that indicate when you have run out of paper, memory or low battery.

Once everything is ready, you need to select the print size. For this, there’s a button on the back with 2 LED lights. The LED’s light up based on which size is currently active. And now you can finally take a photo and it will automatically print out. If you want to reprint the same photo, then you can simply press the other button on the back. That’s pretty much the entire process that goes behind it. Also the photos are automatically saved to the MicroSD card.

But what I don’t really like about this camera is that you can’t take any photos if there isn’t any paper inside. You can still use it without a MicroSD card but unfortunately not when you run out of paper. So that’s a huge downside for me. I wish that Canon had made it possible to still save the photos onto the memory card.

As far as the photo quality goes, I don’t think that it really matters. The printed photos are pretty small so you won’t notice any defects there. The printed photos are clear and really good quality. But for digital use, your phone camera will most probably have a better quality. That’s because the Canon IVY CLIQ isn’t designed for digital photos. Oh yeah and this camera does have an automatic built-in Flash as well. Unfortunately you can’t disable it.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Canon IVY CLIQ solely depends on the amount photos taken and printed. In total, the battery should last around 25 photos. As long as it’s fully charged of course. It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the camera via the MicroUSB cable.


The Canon IVY CLIQ is most certainly a social camera. It’s not designed for taking high quality photos that you can later on show off on your portfolio. Instead it does exactly what it’s designed for and that’s capture moments. You can easily bring it to festivals, snap photos with your friends and instantly print them out. That’s the easiest way there is to quickly capture and memorize moments for life. So if you are looking for a camera like this, then I can definitely recommend checking out Canon.