Canon PIXMA TR4520 Review

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Review

Entry-level printers rarely have an automatic document feeder (ADF). They are generally much more basic sometimes don’t even have scanners. The Canon PIXMA TR4520 on the other hand is the complete opposite. This is an entry-level printer that not only has all the basics but also the extras that make using the printer much more convenient. Which makes it a fantastic device for any home and home office. And that’s exactly what we are going to take a look at in this review!

Technical Specification

  • Dimension: 43.5×29.5×18.7 cm / 17.1×11.6×7.4″
  • Type: Inkjet
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
  • Features: 2 sided printing, ADF
  • Printing speed: 8.8 ppm (black & white), 4.4 ppm (color)
  • Max paper size: 8.5 x 11″
  • Standard paper size: A4
  • Paper tray capacity: 100
  • LCD screen
  • Connectivity: WiFi (not direct), USB type B, Ethernet

In The Box

  • Canon PIXMA TR4520
  • PG-243 and CL-244 Ink cartridges
  • 4" x 6" Photo paper samples
  • Setup CD
  • Power cord


I really like the overall design of the TR4520. It’s a nice compromise between a home grade and a professional grade printer. As in it sits somewhere in the middle in terms of size (43.5×29.5×18.7 cm / 17.1×11.6×7.4″) but the overall look is still professional. For example the top area has the automatic document feeder (ADF), which normally isn’t found on home printers. There is also a large controller panel on the top area as well. Which also includes a rather small 2.4” monochrome LCD screen. It can be pretty hard to read if you aren’t looking down at it. And unfortunately you can’t change the angle of the display either.

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Design

The printer itself is made out of solid black plastic. You can tell from the build quality that it’s not professional grade as the lids and covers feel a bit flimsy and can bend. I’m also not a huge fan of the cartridge system. The cover at the front of the printer, right above the paper eject area. And you can only access them when the printer is turned on.

The paper tray is way at the bottom. It slides out from the front and it holds up to 100 sheet of paper. It has adjustable sides so that you can use different kinds of paper size. The standard is A4 obviously but you can also use A5, A4 and letters of course. The ADF has a capacity of up to 20 sheets of paper.

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Trays

And finally the back side which has been kept extremely plain and simple. As in there’s as few ports as possible. There’s a LAN port for hooking it up to a router and a USB type B port for connecting directly to a computer. And a telephone line for fax.

Setting It Up

Despite the lack of ports, the Canon PIXMA TR4520 is still incredibly easy to set up. And it’s mostly built around using a wireless connection. Which means connecting either using a LAN cable with your router or pairing the printer with your current Wi-Fi network. The latter does that wirelessly and you don’t need to use any cables. Extremely convenient.

Next up you’ll need to install the software and go through the necessary steps. The video above will show you exactly what you need to do to set up the printer. You can use the TR4520 with your phone as well. For that you’ll need to get the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app. It is available on both iOS and Android systems.


The Pixma TR4520 is still a home grade inkjet printer which means that it’s not designed to be fast. If you want a really fast printer then you’ll have to look at a business grade model. According to Canon, it can print up to 8.8 ppm in monochrome and 4.4 ppm in color. Which is actually really low even for a consumer grade model.

On the plus side, the print quality is actually impressive. This could actually be the cause of the slow speed. And I’m not just talking about the color accuracy either. It’s hard to find a model that prints photos as well as this does. The colors are vibrant and the details are clear and visible. The quality is so good that it’s hard to tell a difference from the actual photo.

And this same high quality applies to text and graphs as well. You can print texts at a size of 6 points and the text will come out perfectly clear and sharp. You won’t notice any smudges or problems reading the text. And when you print graphs from Excel then you’ll notice that same quality as well. All of the lines and gradients look just the same as on your computer screen. Which makes the graphs easy to read as well.


So the TR4520 uses two cartridges, one for black and the other for color. Which means that you can’t have separate cartridges for colors. This is common for home grade models. Now the main downside is that it runs out of ink pretty fast. Which can get pretty expensive. The cartridges (PG-243 Black and CL-244 Color) are actually well priced but they don’t last long. You can estimate to get around 88 prints out of the black cartridge and 126 prints out of the color cartridge.

And while you do get more color prints, if you run out of 1 color then you’ll still need to replace the whole cartridge. Even if there are other colors left. So that can get pretty expensive as well if you mostly print in only 1 color.


The Canon Pixma TR4520 is the ideal home printer if you have low volume. While it does have the automatic document feeder, I still can’t recommend it for a home office. Simply because not only is the printing speed super slow but it also drains the ink really fast. Which can be quite costly if you have higher volume of documents to print. Now if you do have low volume though, then this is still an excellent printer. It has a truly impressive print quality and it even supports two-sided printing. Not to mention the ability to use it with your phone as well!