Canon PIXMA TS702 Review

Canon PIXMA TS702 Review

Canon is pretty much the household name when it comes to cameras. But besides that, they also have plenty of other products as well. Such as printers that you can use to turn your digital images onto paper! But also printers for everyday use as well, which are fantastic for homes and small businesses. Such as the Canon PIXMA TS702 for example. It’s actually their newest inkjet printer that’s designed for home offices. Since it’s so new, there aren’t many reviews about it yet. So let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

Technical Specification

  • Dimension: 37.3×36.6×16.0 cm / 14.7×14.4×6.3″
  • Functions: Print (Scan & Copy via phone)
  • Features: 2 sided printing, photo printing
  • Printing speed: 15 ppm (black & white), 10 ppm (color)
  • Max paper size: 8.5 x 11″
  • Standard paper size: A4
  • LCD screen
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB type B, Ethernet, Bluetooth, PictBridge

In The Box

  • Canon PIXMA TS702 Wireless printer
  • Multi purpose tray
  • 4″ × 6″ Photo paper sample pack
  • Setup CD
  • Set of standard ink cartridges
  • Power cable


The Canon PIXMA TS702 is a professional looking printer that’s perfect for home offices. It’s made out of high quality black plastic with a smooth finish. The overall design can simply be described as sleek and modern. I mean it has that modern flat look with curved edges. Basically the exact same style as you can find on new laptops and even mobile phones. So it will definitely fit in with the rest of the devices that you may keep on a desk. The overall dimension is also 37.3×36.6×16.0 cm / 14.7×14.4×6.3″, which is pretty average for a printer. This is the size of the printer when it’s compact. The size does increase in height and length when you bring out the paper trays.

Canon PIXMA TS702 design

Canon has always been known for their build quality and the PIXMA TS702 is no different. The plastic used keeps the printer sturdy. You can move it around and it won’t feel like its bending anywhere. All of the hinges work smoothly and even the paper trays don’t move around sideways. It definitely has a stronger construction that will keep the printer together and stop it from falling apart. Overall great for even small businesses as it can withstand daily usage.

Compared to most other home grade printers, the Canon PIXMA TS702 is much more professional looking. As in you won’t find any crazy colored LCD touchscreens. Instead, there’s a simple two line monochrome LCD screen that simply gives you an indication of the current printer mode and ink levels. All of the modes can be changed via the physical buttons around the screen. I actually prefer this as physical buttons are much easier to use on a printer in my opinion. You don’t need to go through endless amounts of settings to get to where you want. So it’s also much faster in my opinion. Plus the screen won’t get covered in fingerprints.

And as usual, the backside of the printer has all ports. Well to be fair, it’s not like there’s a lot of them. It has a standard USB type B port for if you want to connect it to a computer with a USB cable, an Ethernet port for cable internet and power input. If you use it as wireless, then you’ll only be using the power input to plug it into a wall outlet with the included power cable. The USB type B cable is not included in the package!

Setting It Up

Modern printers are extremely easy to set up and that’s also the case with the PIXMA TS702. It just takes a bit of time to follow through the entire process. Basically there are 3 ways to connect the printer to your computer. The first option is over WiFi, which makes it completely wireless. The second option is with an Ethernet cable, which means that you connect the printer to a router or modem. And finally the third option, which requires a separate USB type B cable and with that you can directly connect the printer to your computer. Out of the 3 I recommend using WiFi as you can then use it with multiple computers at the same time.

Here’s a video example of what the entire configuration process looks like. As you can see you do need to install drivers as well. The printer does come with a setup CD but most modern computers don’t have optical drives anymore. Which is why you can also download the drivers from the Canon website.

But besides that, Canon has got a printing app as well that’s available on iOS, Android, Fire OS and Windows 10 Mobile devices. You can use the app to send files directly to the printer via Bluetooth. This is extremely convenient when you want to print something fast and have it open on your phone.


The Canon PIXMA TS702 is a printer that’s rated for home offices and small businesses. And I definitely agree with that. Simply because it doesn’t have a built-in Scan & Copy functions. As in yes, you heard me right, there is no scanner. The tray on the top of the printer is actually a secondary rear paper tray. Which does mean that it can fit much more paper than the average printer. In total it can fit 350 pieces of paper. 250 in the main cassette and 100 in the rear tray. The maximum paper size that it accepts is 8.5 x 11″ and the standard size is A4.

That said, it’s still possible to scan with it. You’ll just have to use your phone for that. Which definitely isn’t as convenient or fast as using a built-in scanner. But it does get the job done quite well. So it basically comes down to how often you need to scan documents. If it’s several times a week, then you might want to look at a more complete printer.

The PIXMA TS702 does a great job at printing colorful photos. It manages to keep the colors vibrant and the details clear. It’s something that the Canon PIXMA series has always been good at. The only other inkjet printers that I have noticed to produce better colors are perhaps the PIXMA printers with 6 ink cartridges. But even then it’s really close and you need to physically compare the two side by side to see a difference.

It also does just as fantastic of a job at printing text based documents. I’d say that the quality starts to go down once the text size is smaller than 6 points. But I mean how often do you really see text that small in a document. So I wouldn’t call this a downside at all, just a limitation of inkjet printers.

In terms of printing speed, the TS702 is able to print up to 15 black & white pages per minute. I mean normal black & white documents and not actual photos. With photos, the print speed will be much slower. Which is again normal. So it’s actually really fast when it comes to printing documents.

Ink Cartridges

Canon has included all the necessary ink cartridges to get started with the PIXMA TS702. That said, inkjet printers are known for being literal money eaters. Based on the cost of ink tanks and Canon’s specified page yield, you are looking at around 5 cents per black & white page. Colored pages should cost around 18 cents per page. So as you can see it does eat ink quite a bit. This printer does also accept XL and XXL cartridges as well. It’s compatible with both the CLI-281 and PGI-280 ink tanks. Overall the ink cost is pretty average for a consumer grade photo printer.


The Canon PIXMA TS702 is fantastic at what it’s designed for. But can I recommend it for you? Well that completely depends on what you require from a printer. For example if you are on a budget and want to print high quality photos, then yes, I can definitely recommend the TS702. But if you require something that can scan hundreds of pages a month, then obviously this isn’t the device for you. So what I’d say is this: if you rarely ever Scan or Copy documents, then the TS702 will most probably do everything you require.