Canon Pixma TS9020 Review

Canon Pixma TS9020 Review

The Canon Pixma is a series of inkjet printers that are designed for small businesses and homes. Not only do they look stunning but they are also packed with different features. It’s not surprising as Canon has always been the company you first turn to when you are looking for devices related to photography. And lets face it, printing photos is a huge part of it. Which means that they also have a fantastic print quality. And their consumer series seems to be doing well as the Canon Pixma TS9020 is one of their best selling all in one wireless printers. So let’s see how well it performs in our review!

Technical Specification

  • Dimension: 37.3×32.5×14.2 cm / 14.7×12.8×5.6″
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
  • Features: Disc printing, Wireless, Media Card support
  • Printing speed: 15 ppm (black & white), 10 ppm (color)
  • Max paper size: 8 x 10″
  • Standard paper size: A4
  • 5.0″ LCD touchscreen
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB type B, Ethernet

In The Box

  • Canon Pixma TS9020 printer
  • Power cable
  • Setup CD
  • Disc printing tray
  • Photo paper sample pack
  • Full set of ink cartridges


Like I mentioned before, all of the Pixma printers are designed for homes and small businesses. Which is one of the main reasons why the TS9020 is so compact. It has a dimension of 37.3×32.5×14.2 cm / 14.7×12.8×5.6″ and it weighs 6.7 kg / 14.7 lbs. The printer is fully made out of black and greyish white plastic. I really like how this printer looks like. I like the sleek sharp edges that make it look like a box. It’s just pleasing to look at in my opinion.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Design

Plus what really brings it together is the 5″ LCD touchscreen on the front side. It adds some color to it which looks great on the black background. The front side has also got an SD card reader. The USB type B port, Ethernet connector and Power input can be found at the back.

What makes this printer quite unique is the two paper tray system. What it means is that you can use two paper sources to print from. It allows you to use different sizes without having to swap them. The main paper tray is found on the top part. It’s hidden inside the printer and you are supposed to pull it out. The second paper tray is a standard cassette that you pull out from the front. The cassette tray is pretty well built and it slides out smoothly. As in it doesn’t wobble around.

Overall the Canon TS9020 is extremely well put together. Again I really like the design and I have no complaints about it. Even the paper trays didn’t drive me crazy, and that’s quite rare.

Setting It Up

There are 3 different ways you can connect the Canon Pixma TS9020 to your computer. The best way is to set it up wireless so that it connects to your WiFi network. The second best option is by using an Ethernet cable to connect it to a wireless router. And finally the USB type B port that you can use to connect it directly to your computer.

Overall it’s pretty easy to set it up. You just need to know how you are planning to connect it since the printer doesn’t include the Ethernet or USB cable. All you have to do is plug in the power cable, turn it on from the power button and follow the steps displayed on the 5″ LCD touchscreen. Here’s a simple video on how to set it up wireless.


The TS9020 printer is designed for the A4 paper size. You can also use other paper sizes as well. As long as they are smaller than 8 x 10″. Both of the trays have sliders that you can adjust based on the paper size. What this printer is fantastic for is photos. Unlike most printers, the TS9020 supports 6 colors of ink cartridges. This improves the photo quality quite noticeably. Especially if you compare it to a typical CMYK (4 color) printer. The colors look more accurate and they have more depth

Oh and this printer even comes with a special optical disc tray. You can use it to print images onto CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs! It’s a pretty unique feature that I haven’t seen on other printers before.

I’m also quite happy with the print speed. It can print around 15 pages per minute of monochrome text and 10 pages with colors. This is a pretty decent speed that shouldn’t disappoint. You just have to take in consideration that this is an inkjet printer so obviously it won’t be as fast as a laser type.

This printer does also include a flatbed scanner. Its optical resolution is 2400 dpi. Which is more than fine to capture everything. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a scanner tray. Which means that you need to scan every page separately. This is fine you need to scan only a couple of pages but it gets annoying if you need to do it often. That’s really the only downside of flatbed scanners.

Ink Cartridges

The Canon Pixma TS9020 has 6 individual ink slots. Which means that you can add more colors than just the standard CMYK. For example the printer comes with a grey ink cartridge. This gives you a much better quality when you print monochrome photos. It accepts the PGI-270 and CLI-271 type inks. There are also 3rd party cartridges available that are much cheaper than the official Canon ones. Just make sure that they compatible with the TS9020 model.


If you are looking for a more professional looking printer with a bunch of fancy features, then you should definitely take a look at the Canon Pixma TS9020. That said, this is still designed for homes and maybe smaller businesses. And it shows. Not having a scanner tray is a clear proof that this isn’t a business class model. If you need to scan a high volume of documents then I would definitely avoid getting this printer. But if you are all about printing high quality photos or documents, then this is a great model to check out.