Caply’s 5 Hour Recording Action Camera

Caply 5 Hour Action Camera

Action cameras are fantastic for recording both extreme sports and travelling adventures. Their only problem is the short battery life, which is especially a problem when it comes to travelling. Caply is going to try and change that. It’s a new action camera that was recently revealed on Kickstarter. The creators call it as the most durable action camera in the world. And that is very much possible, as they promise 5 hours of battery life!

The Caply action camera is also really small. It weighs only 50 grams / 0.11 lbs and it can easily fit into any pocket. You can also attach it to your bag and have it film everything that’s in front of you. It also comes with plenty of accessories that you can use to attach it to your wrist or even a bicycle. There is also a Dash Cam package available which let’s you use the Caply action camera in a car as well.

Caply Action Camera

It is also easy to use the camera. The body has a touch sensitive button that you can’t see. All you have to do is tap the area on the front once to take a photo and twice to start recording. You can also connect it a Caply App, where you can view and edit all the photos and videos you have captured. And you can even live stream! The action camera has a Full HD 1080p resolution and has a built-in EIS stabilization system. So you don’t have to worry about shaky videos! As far as memory goes, that depends on you. It supports a memory card with a capacity up to 128GB.

And like I mentioned before, the Caply action camera has enough battery life to record up to 5 hour videos. That’s of course if you use a 128GB memory card. Charge time is around 2.5 hours. If you are looking for a small and lightweight action camera like this, then check out their Kickstarter. They have already met their $30,000 goal and raised $102,000 as of 07/01/2018. They also have plenty of deals left and you can get the action camera for as low as $69 at the moment.