Crosstour CT9000 Review

Crosstour CT9000 Review

Crosstour is a pretty new brand that’s committed to creating practical and affordable camera solutions. Their products range includes devices from action cameras to projectors and webcameras. Out of all of them, their best selling products seem to be still their action cameras. I don’t have any official information on that but seeing how well they sell and how highly they are rated, it seems that people like their action cameras. Especially the Crosstour CT9000. And what’s not to like, according to numerous reviews it has a really good video quality, comes with accessories and most importantly it’s cheap! So let’s take a closer look at the camera.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 59×41×25 mm / 2.3×1.6×1.0″
  • Weight: 64 g / 2.24 oz
  • Field of View: 170°
  • Video resolutions: 4K 30 fps; 2.7K 30 fps; 1080p 60 fps
  • Photo: 20 MP
  • Modes: Single Shot, Burst, Time-Lapse, Slow Motion, Self-Timer
  • Features: WiFi, 2″ LCD screen
  • Ports: Micro USB, Micro HDMI, Micro SD card slot
  • Memory: Micro SD with Class 10 and SDXC cards, up to 64 GB
  • Battery: 1050 mAh Li-On
  • Battery life: 90 minutes of 1080p at 60 fps

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In The Box

  • Crosstour CT9000
  • 2x 1050 mAh Li-On Battery
  • Remote controller
  • Waterproof Housing up to 40 m / 131 ft
  • Bicycle stand
  • Adhesive base
  • Clip + frame
  • Extender
  • Micro USB to USB cable


Unlike most action cameras, the Crosstour CT9000 comes in a plain rectangular cardboard box. It’s really basic and has all of the specific information written on it. And it makes sense as this is an incredibly cheap action camera and it makes sense to save on packaging. It’s actually not bad either. Inside there are two compartments, one of the camera and the other for the included accessories. The camera is packaged in its own little cardboard box with spaces all around it so that it won’t get damaged. Plus they have put it inside the waterproof case as well for extra protection. So the package does exactly what it’s designed for.

Crosstour CT9000 Box

The CT9000 looks pretty much the same as 99% of the other action cameras on the market. They have used the typical 59×41×25 mm / 2.3×1.6×1.0″ size housing that’s pretty popular among cheaper end action cameras. It makes sense as well as it’s a proven design that works. So for those of you that aren’t familiar, the camera is made out of black plastic and has a rectangular shape. The sides have a ribbed texture that make it easier to hold onto the camera. Crosstour has even added a textured line to front as well. Which is a pretty nice addition actually.

Crosstour CT9000 Design

There are in total 4 buttons on the camera. The front side has the power/mode button which you can use to turn it on and access the settings menu. The top side has only got 1 button as well, which is for recording/taking photos and confirming changes in settings. And finally the last two, which are on the side. These are for navigating up and down thrown the menu. And you do need to use those as the 2″ LCD screen on the back is not a touchscreen. Which means that you are stuck with the physical buttons. It’s not a problem at all as the user interface is designed for that and to be honest, I’ll take physical buttons over a bad touchscreen any day.

You’ll also want to avoid using the bare camera near open water. There are open ports on the side of the camera and you don’t want water in them. The ports include Micro USB, Micro HDMI and a MicroSD card slot. Crosstour recommends using at least class 10 MicroSD cards, with storage space up to 64 GB. There is also a battery compartment at the bottom, which isn’t waterproof either. So if you do want to use the action camera near or under water, then definitely keep it in the included waterproof case.


The amount of accessories that you get with the action camera is actually pretty impressive. Especially when you take into account that this is the cheapest action camera on the market. You will receive a waterproof case, plenty of different mounts, clips and most importantly two 1050 mAh batteries! Which is extremely good as you can shoot videos for much longer and not have to worry about running out of power.

Crosstour CT9000 In The Box

In addition to all of that, Crosstour has somehow managed to include a remote controller as well. This is a really basic device that has just a few buttons on it. You can attach it to your wrist and operate the camera from a distance. By operate I mean start/end recording or capture photos. It can be pretty useful but I generally prefer using my phone if I want to use the camera from far away.

Video & Features

If you look at the technical specifications, you’ll notice that the Crosstour CT9000 is capable of recording videos at up to 4K resolution. And it’s true, it can do that. However, what hasn’t been mentioned is that it’s not exactly real 4K. What they basically do is still record in 1080p but then scale the video to 4K. This means that you do get the bigger resolution but the quality will also suffer. This is really common now for cheaper action cameras. Which is why I always recommend recording in 1080p if you want the best quality.

So here’s a video example of the CT9000 being used as a dash camera. The video is recorded in 1080p at 60 fps. Overall the video quality is actually pretty good considering the price. It’s the sharpest at the center and the sides do have quite a bit of blur. Which is also pretty normal for action cameras. It’s also pretty obvious that this camera doesn’t have the faster processor to process a movement as fast as driving. That’s why you can clearly see the video quality improve significantly as the car slows down. And when the car has stopped moving, the quality is very impressive.

Here’s an example video in 4K as well. Again the same thing, the center area is sharper than the edges. But here the movement is much slower and the camera can handle this much better. Which is also why the quality is so good even underwater. You can clearly see all the fishes and the bottom of the waterbed. The colors look pretty natural as well. There is some noticeable over exposure though as the sky and the greens are far too bright. But that’s also common on budget action cameras.

So in terms of features, the CT9000 is a really basic action camera. I definitely expected that as well. It has all of the basic recording modes etc. What this camera does not have is a stabilizer. Which I would not consider a bad thing as the cheaper electronic stabilization systems are really bad. They generally tend to significantly lower the video quality so I’m actually glad that they haven’t added it. One feature that they have added is the possibility to use the camera as a webcam. But that’s part of the new firmware and you’ll need to contact Crosstour for the update.

And yes, this camera can also be paired up with your phone. It has built-in WiFi for that. You do need to download and install the iSmart DV app, which is available for iOS and Android systems. It’s a pretty well known app that is used by many other action camera brands as well. From the app you can fully control the camera. Such as change the settings, start recording and also view past recordings.


If you are in a seriously low budget but still want something that can record at an okay video quality, then the Crosstour CT9000 is a really good option. It’s a basic action camera that doesn’t come with any fancy whistles. Instead they have focused on having as good as possible video quality at the lowest price. And they have definitely succeeded at that. Plus you still get a decent amount of accessories as well.