Huion H420 Review

Huion H420 Review

If you are looking for inexpensive but high quality drawing tablets, then you have probably heard of the Chinese brand Huion. They are known for their budget friendly tablets that can also compete with the giants such as Wacom. And they also have one of the best selling small drawing tablets: the Huion H420! It’s designed for beginners who want to learn drawing and don’t want to spend too much in case they don’t like it. But it’s also widely used instead of a computer mouse. Especially by osu! players! So while we already know that the H420 is inexpensive, the goal of this review is to find out if it’s still worth the buy.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 177×112×8.0 mm / 7.0×4.4×0.3″
  • Weight: 430 g / 0.95 lbs
  • Drawing area: 102×57 mm / 4×2.23″
  • Resolution: 4000 LPI
  • Express keys: 3
  • Pressure levels: 2048
  • MiniUSB port

In The Box

  • Huion H420 drawing tablet
  • Stylus pen
  • Stylus nibs
  • Ring tool
  • MiniUSB to USB cable
  • Driver CD
Huion H420 In The Box


What I like the most about Huion drawing tablets is that they have their own design. The H420 is of course very small as it has the dimension of 177×112×7.5 mm / 7.0×4.4×0.3″. It has a very minimalistic and sleek design. There is really nothing to criticize about it here. It’s made out of nice plastic and the build quality is excellent. Everything feels sturdy and exactly how it should be. You also get to choose between two different colors: black and white.

Huion H420 Design

When you touch the drawing tablet, you will notice different surface types being used as well. The drawing area, which is 102×57 mm / 4×2.23″, has a rough textured surface. This is to create resistance when drawing with the Stylus pen. It basically imitates the feeling of drawing onto paper. Next to the active area, you will find a section with 3 express keys. You can use them to set different functions etc. There is also a small LED light near them that indicates if the H420 is powered.

Stylus Pen

The Huion H420 comes with a pretty standard looking stylus pen. It’s made out of simple smooth plastic that has a glossy finish to it. The color depends on whether you go with the black or white model. The only thing I’m not the happiest about the pen is that it’s not that comfortable to hold. It really wears out your hand and fingers if you hold it for long periods of time. The grey area that you see on the picture is actually plastic as well and not rubber. If they switched that out for rubber, then it would make the stylus more more comfortable to use.

Huion H420 Stylus Pen

The grey area has also got two buttons there that can be configured as you wish. It works with AAA batteries and you need to make sure that you turn it off when you are done. That can be done from the end of the pen. Otherwise you will go through batteries quite fast. The pen does also come with extra nibs and a ring tool for changing them. Oh and the H420 does not come with a pen holder.


In order to use the Huion H420, you must first connect it to your computer with the included MiniUSB to USB cable. So make sure that you have an open USB port. The tablet is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. After that, you’ll need to install the Huion drivers. Those can be downloaded directly from Huion website. The tablet does also come with a driver CD but I recommend ignoring that. They are simply outdated.

Having the newest drivers is necessary because they really make the tablet work as intended. The drivers allow you to configure the 3 included Express Keys and everything else about it. That also includes the two buttons on the Stylus pen.


The Huion H420 is mostly marketed as a signing pad instead of a drawing tablet. That’s mostly the case because of the size. The small dimensions make it portable and it doesn’t take up much space on your desk. And for signatures, the H420 is perfect. It’s compatible with all of the standard programs like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So if you are looking for a small tablet to add digital signatures, then the H420 is just what you need.


Despite the small size, the H420 can still also be used for drawing as well. The stylus pen comes with 2048 different levels of sensitivity, so it’s still quite responsive. I do want to add that it doesn’t respond quite as well as some of the other Huion models like the H610 and 1060 Plus. As in the tablet works just fine and you notice the different pressure levels, it’s just that the changes aren’t smooth enough. It’s really hard to draw extremely detailed pictures with that would require small changes of line thickness. Also still the small size as well means that you can only draw in short movements. Which again. isn’t that good for keeping the lines smooth. So overall it can definitely be used for drawing as well, but only if you are a beginner and want an inexpensive drawing tablet to start out with.


Osu! is a pretty popular game among streamers. It requires excellent hand eye coordination and of course reaction time. Most of the hardcore osu! players prefer using a stylus pen for that instead of a mouse. And after some research, I discovered that the most recommended device for that is the Huion H420 drawing tablet! And it makes sense, as osu! doesn’t require a huge active area. It also responds instantly during even the fastest songs. And even the slightest surface touch gets registered! So if you are looking to take your osu! skills to the next level, then the H420 is definitely the best tablet for that!


The Huion H420 is definitely the most ideal solution for digital signatures and playing osu!. As for digital drawing, the number one limiting factor is the size. It’s just too small in my opinion. You can of course buy it to get a feel on how digital drawing works. It’s a great inexpensive option for beginners. However you will quickly outgrow of it and require a bigger tablet that’s designed for drawing.