Huion H610 Pro Review

Huion H610 Pro Review

Huion is a drawing tablet brand that’s known for their great price to quality ratio. They have the perfect drawing tablets for beginners and even experienced artists who are low on budget. One of their best selling products is the Huion H610 Pro. It’s designed for beginners who are looking for a bigger drawing area. And unlike the H420, the H610 is actually designed for digital drawing. Which makes it good option for experienced artists as well. So let’s see how good it really is.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 353×245×10 mm / 14×9.6×0.4″
  • Weight: 635 g / 1.4 lbs
  • Drawing area: 254×160 mm / 10×6.3″
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI
  • Express keys: 8
  • Function keys: 16
  • Pressure levels: 2048
  • MiniUSB port

In The Box

  • Huion H610 Pro drawing tablet
  • Stylus pen
  • Stylus nibs, 4 pc
  • Pen holder
  • Ring tool
  • MiniUSB to USB cable
  • Stylus charging cable
  • Driver CD


The Huion H610 Pro is a medium size drawing tablet. It has an outside dimension of 353×245×10 mm / 14×9.6×0.4″ and weighs 635 g / 1.4 lbs. Which is pretty light still and definitely easily portable. That’s also thanks to how thin the tablet actually is.

Huion H610 Pro Design

The overall design of the Huion H610 Pro is pretty standard. It’s made out of a nice matte black plastic. There are also rubber anti slipper pads underneath it, which keep it stable on the desk. But besides that, there are also 8 clickable buttons next to the drawing area. These are made out of glossy black plastic and feel kind of cheap but they work. I’m really surprised of their build quality as they feel really strong.

But what really matters is the drawing area. It has the dimension of 254×160 mm / 10×6.3″, which is enough for beginners and smaller to medium size images. The drawing area’s surface is also textured to add resistance. It’s not as great as on the Wacom Intuos series but it’s good enough to make a difference. There are even 16 function keys on top of the drawing area, which can also be programmed to anything you want.

Stylus Pen

The H610 Pro also includes Huion P80 rechargeable stylus pen. It’s also made out of a matte black plastic and it feels really good to hold. It’s just the right size, a bit thinner than what Wacom usually has. But I really like it. It even has two programmable buttons as well. At the end of the pen, there is a charging port. That’s because the Huion pen has a built in battery. So make sure that you keep it charged.

Huion H610 Pro Stylus Pen

Besides that, the pen also comes with 4 different nibs and a tool to change them. They feel pretty good to work with and shouldn’t be a problem for beginners. Especially since it also has 2048 pressure levels. Which isn’t near as much as some other high end drawing tablets, but it’s enough to be able to draw shadows and shadings without any problems. So again, great for learning how to draw with a tablet.


Before using the tablet, you’ll first need to install the drivers. For that, connect the tablet to your computer via the included MiniUSB to USB cable and download the latest drivers off the Huion website. The drawing tablet does come with a CD as well, but those drivers will be outdated. It’s best to just download the latest ones.

Installing the correct drivers let’s you program the different shortcut and function buttons on both the tablet and the stylus. But also change the pressure sensitivity and map the drawing area you are planning to use.

The driver interface isn’t near as nice looking or interactive as on Wacom. But that’s fine, as you also pay much more for their products. The Huion drivers work just as intended and it’s really easy to change all of the settings. In my opinion, that’s all that matters.

Drawing with the tablet is fantastic. The textured area and the stylus nib work well together. It kind of feels like drawing on a paper. Having 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity helps as well. The pen is extremely sensitive and it immediately registers a change in pressure. There is, however, no tilt sensitivity. But that is normal for the cheaper drawing tablets. You can expect to have that on the more high end models.

The tablet works with most drawing programs. I personally use Photoshop and I haven’t had any problems with it. Huion has also included a list of programs that it’s officially compatible with.


The best part about the Huion H610 Pro is how high quality and yet affordable it is. The closest Wacom Intuos in the same size costs more than that. And the difference in performance or build quality isn’t even close to double. Which is why I can definitely recommend this for everyone that’s been looking for a medium size drawing tablet. I do want to add that you should definitely do some research on if the tablet works with drawing programs you are going to use. I have been using it with Photoshop and I haven’t had any problems with it.