IKEA DIY Rällen Wireless Charger Review

IKEA Rallen Review

Standard wireless charging pads can be annoying as they can take up necessary space. So what would be better than to eliminate that factor by integrating them into your table, desk or any other furniture.

You have probably noticed furniture with built-in wireless charging from companies such as IKEA, Evoni Design and FurniQi. The downside of them has often been both the high price and lack of options. I mean you aren’t going to buy a table just for the charging feature, you also have to like the design.

Well this is where IKEA can help. IKEA doesn’t just offer pre-built wireless charging furniture, they also offer DIY charging pods. They have a product line called RÄLLEN which features two wireless charging pods that can be installed into any furniture. And the plus side, they cost only $13 and are super easy to install.

Technical Specification

  • Standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: D85×10mm / D3.4×0.4″
  • Cord length: 1.9m / 6.2ft
  • Max. power wireless charging: 5W / 1A

Design & Performance

IKEA is known for their simple Nordic design and clever solutions. The exact same can also be seen on the Rällen wireless chargers. Honestly the charging pads look like nothing special. It’s just an alright plastic charging pad that has been made as plain as possible. You can however choose between two colors: black and white. Besides that the charging surface has also got a rubber cross, which keeps your phone from sliding off it. Oh and the power cable is attached to the charger as well so you can’t remove it (the AC plug is separate).

IKEA Rallen Design

The simple design does have it’s perks however. The Rällen charger is really easy to install and it nicely blends in with the furniture. And that’s why it is actually so good. But you can read more about the installation process below!

Other than the furniture feature, it’s really just like any other wireless charger. It has the Qi wireless charging standard and charges at a maximum power of 5W / 1A, which is the most basic charging speed. No fast charging feature unfortunately. You also need place your phone directly on the cross as it’s a single coil charger. There is also a small LED light on the charging surface. It turns green when your phones charging and turns off when the battery is full. So overall the same as all chargers.

Installation Guide

Things you will need:

  • IKEA RÄLLEN wireless charger – $13
  • FIXA hole saw (or any other hole saw) with outside diameter 56 mm / 2.2″, 64 mm / 2.5″ or 78 mm / 3.1″
  • Furniture you wish to integrate the charger to

That is all you will need. If you already have the hole saw then this won’t cost more than $13 and your time.

Assemblying the charger to your furniture is simple:

IKEA Rallen Installation 1

1. Use the hole saw to create a hole in your furniture with a diameter of 56 mm / 2.2″ or the other two listed. I have only added the installation guide with a 56 mm / 2.2″ hole so you’ll have to look at the official IKEA installation manual for the other two sizes.

IKEA Rallen Installation 2

2. With the 56 mm / 2.2″ hole you don’t need any of the buffer rings. Remove those until you just have the charger.

IKEA Rallen Installation 3

3. Take the adhesive strips and add them underneath the chargers edge. These stop the charger from rotating on your furniture and keep it steady. After that just push the charging pod inside the hole and make sure it sits there tightly.

4. Connect the power cable with the AC plug.

5. Plug your new charger to a power source and enjoy!


This is the easiest way to add a wireless charger into your furniture in my opinion. You could also full on DIY by getting a Qi wireless module but then you need to figure out a way of covering it etc. The IKEA Rällen does make your life easier in that regard. So overall it’s a fantastic option for anyone looking for a way to add wireless charging into their furniture.