IKEA Nordmärke Review

IKEA is a brand that doesn’t require any introduction. The Swedish furniture giant has got product for all households and the same goes for wireless chargers. Unlike most other companies, IKEA has put all their focus on the design and making the chargers part of your home. Which is why they have the best looking wireless chargers. I’m planning to review all of their chargers, as there’s everything from charging pads to wireless furniture. This time I got my hands on the IKEA Nordmärke line, which features two different wireless charging pads.

Nordmärke Single

Out of all the IKEA wireless chargers, the Nordmärke Single is their simplest one. It’s basically just a typical wireless charging pad that has a better design. It has a dimension of 130×130×20mm / 5×5×1″, which is pretty big for a typical charging pad. You also get to choose between two finishes: white and birch. The white one is fully made out of plastic, while the birch actually has wooden parts. Which does add a nice touch to the wireless charger. It also comes with an attached power cord. The AC adapter is actually pretty large as well.

IKEA Nordmärke Single Design

Technical specs

  • Standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 130×130×20mm / 5×5×1″
  • Max. power wireless charging: 5W / 1A
  • 1 USB port

The charging area is in the center of the charger. There is even a large + sign there and that’s where you should align your phone. The charger itself works really well. As soon as your phone hits the + sign, it immediately starts charging. I was really impressed by that. This charger does use the Qi wireless charging standard, so make sure that your phone supports it. And yes, the latest iPhone 8 and X can also be charged with this. Only downside is that the charger doesn’t have the fast charging feature. So it will definitely take a long time to fully charge.

Besides that, there is also an extra USB port on the charger. So you can also use that to charge a phone with a cable as well. It’s pretty good for when you have guests around and two people want to charge at once. Overall it’s a solid wireless charging pad for both work and home.

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Nordmärke Triple – $60

The Triple pad is pretty much the same as the Single version. The only difference is the size and the charging areas. The Nordmärke Triple has a dimension of 310×130×20mm / 12×5×1″ which is pretty big and definitely not portable. It’s designed to sit on a desk inside your household so everybody can use it. Like the Single version, the Triple also comes with two finishes: white and birch. I personally prefer the birch version as I’m a fan of wood. It also suits my home better so it definitely comes down to you and what you like. The white finish looks nice as well and it’s definitely more suitable in a modern home.

IKEA Nordmärke Triple Design

Technical specs

  • Standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 310×130×20mm / 12×5×1″
  • Wireless charging areas: 3
  • Max. power wireless charging: 5W / 1A
  • 1 USB port

Like I already mentioned before, the Nordmärke Triple has 3 wireless charging areas. You can charge up to 3 Qi devices at the same time wirelessly. All you’ll have to do is plug the chargers AC adapter to an outlet. And yes, the AC adapter is massive on the Triple as well. Also, still no fast charging feature unfortunately. There is also an extra USB port if you have guests who don’t have the Qi wireless charging feature. You can then just use the USB port to charge with a cable.

If you are looking for a bigger wireless charger than can be used with multiple devices at once, then the IKEA Nordmärke Triple is definitely the charger to check out.

7.5 Total Score

Build Quality
Charging Power