iMate: A New Docking Station For Apple Devices

iMate Apple Docking Station

iMate is a new docking station that’s designed for Apple devices. It was first introduced at CES 2018 by Grenoplus and it was now published on Kickstarter. The docking station offers a solution for all the dongles and accessories that you’d otherwise have to get for your Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro.

The dock is a much more compact solution than having to carry around dongles. Especially if you move around a lot. And it’s really portable as well. You can easily just place it into the same bag as your laptop! The iMate weighs 0.55 lbs and has a dimension of 125 x 78 x 28 mm! It even has a nice finish to it that doesn’t look out of place when next to an Apple device.

What makes the iMate so good are all the ports and extras. It has two USB-C ports. One of those is more powerful and is used for connecting to the laptop. The other USB-C port can be used to charge your iPad or iPhone! Besides that, there are also two USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) for anything else you want to connect. It even includes an HDMI port if you want to connect your laptop to a TV or a bigger screen. And it’s capable of transferring 4K resolution! But that’s still not all. There is also an SD memory card reader and an Apple Watch charger.

iMate Apple Watch Dock

The Apple Watch charger is the most unique feature I have seen from a docking station. It slides out of the dock and you just simply place your Apple Watch on top of it. It uses wireless charging to charge the watch. Grenoplus has also added an AC power input to the dock in case you need to keep your laptop powered while using the dock.

If you like what Grenoplus has done with the iMate, then check out their Kickstarter campaign! They have already beaten their initial $20,000 goal by raising $56,276 as of March 26th. The price of the dock is $99 for early backers. They plan to start delivering in May 2018!