LG GP50NB40 Review

LG GP50NB40 Review

The LG GP50NB40 is yet another portable DVD rewriter by the famous media technology company. I have reviewed a lot of their optical drives already and today is time for their next one. The GP50NB40 is one of their most simplistic drives, which has both an affordable price tag and high performance providing features. Well at least that’s what LG says on their little advertising pamphlet. So let’s see if that’s actually the case as well.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 144×136×18 mm / 5.7×5.3×0.7″
  • Weight: 210 g / 0.46 lbs
  • Loading type: Tray
  • DVD Writing Speed: Up to 8x DVD-R
  • CD Writing Speed: Up to 24x CD-R
  • Features: M-DISC, SilentPlay
  • Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac & TV

In The Box

  • LG GP70NS50
  • MiniUSB to USB-A cable


Out of all the portable DVD drives that I have reviewed, design wise, the LG GP50NB40 is nothing special. Even among their own live as well. Like it’s just a normal external drive with a sliding out tray mechanism. As in it has the standard square shape and a Mini USB to USB-A cable that you plug into it. I have featured a couple of LG drives here that at least had the slot mechanism, which made them at least a bit different.

LG GP50NB40 Design

Nor can you expect anything innovative about the size. The case has overall dimensions of 144×136×18 mm / 5.7×5.3×0.7″. Which is pretty standard and the same can be said about the 210 g / 0.46 lbs weight as well. So again its neither smaller nor lighter than its competitors either. Maybe if you compare it to some of these unknown Chinese brands but they now have attached cables. So if you add the weight of the cable to the weight of the GP50NB40, then you won’t notice a difference there either.

Even the design it self is kind of boring. Just a plain smooth black case with rounded corners and a grey LG logo printed on the top. The front side did seem interesting at first as there’s a line in the middle. So at first I thought that there are like 2 doors that open up and the tray slides out. But that was not the case, it’s just made to seem like that. They are just 2 plastic pieces attached to the front of the tray. The bigger thin line in the middle is the eject button and next to it is the emergency eject pinhole.


And everything that I wrote about in the section above, can also be said about the performance and the so called “features”. Simply take the included Mini USB to USB-A cable and plug it into both the device and your computer. Also I have seen people ask what’s the difference between the GP50NB40 and the GP40NB40. And well the only actual difference is the cable. The cable on this version has a single USB-A connector, as in it’s not a Y cable that the original version included. It’s a huge step forward and makes using the drive much more convenient.

Once you have connected both ends of the cable, the drive is ready to be used. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. And while there’s no information about Chromebook, I’m pretty sure it would work with that also. Especially since it works with TV’s as well, which has always been something that LG advertises their optical drives for! Among other features like M-DISC compatibility and Silent Play. Those are in my opinion pretty useless. At least I have never used an M-DISC before. And well all that the silent play does is adjust the disc rotation speed.

Everything else though, standard. The GP50NB40 is capable of burning both DVD and CD discs. The maximum speed is 8x for DVDs and 24x for CDs. So again nothing special. You’ll notice every single portable DVD drive have those specs. And that’s limited by the hardware. Plus you won’t need any faster anyways as the storage size is capped on both DVDs and CDs. And increasing the speed wouldn’t really make a difference. I mean who cares if you can write a full DVD disc in 1 minute vs 55 seconds.


Overall the LG GP50NB40 is nothing special. Sure the advertising looked promising but the actual device doesn’t portray all that hype. Like all of the other LG drives have those same features as well. And some of them are far better looking. And price wise, the difference is minimal. For the models with the tray mechanism at least. So yeah it works and it’s a good DVD drive if you can get it at a reasonable price. But it’s definitely not worth paying more for it than any other drive.