LG GP65NB60 Review

LG GP65NB60 Review

The GP65NB60 is LG’s best selling external DVD drive. It comes with a simple looking design and a bunch of interesting features. Such as support for M-DISC and a mode called Silent Play. The external DVD drive is also rated to work with all operating systems. Plus it can be used to connect it to a TV. And all of that comes with a fairly reasonable price. Sounds too good to be true? That’s what we are trying to find out in this review!

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 141×136.5×14 mm / 5.6×5.4×0.6″
  • Weight: 200 g / 0.4 lbs
  • DVD Writing Speed: Up to 8x DVD+RW
  • CD Writing Speed: Up to 24x CD-RW
  • Features: TV Connectivity, Silent Play, Jamless Play
  • Compatibility: Windows and Mac operating systems

In The Box

  • LG GP65NB60 external drive
  • MiniUSB to USB 3.0 cable


The LG GP65NB60 is one of the thinnest external DVD drives that I have ever seen or owned. It has a dimension of 141×136.5×14 mm / 5.6×5.4×0.6″ and weighs just 200 g / 0.4 lbs. It’s basically as thin as a pencil. Which does make it a great drive to bring along. You can just stick it into a bag and you won’t even notice it there. I often end up doing that as my laptop doesn’t have an optical drive. I can imagine this to be quite typical for most people as newer laptops don’t include them anymore. And there are plenty of people who still need to use CD’s. Me being one of them.

LG GP65NB60 Design

The external optical drive is fully made out of plastic. Which is pretty typical. It’s still really well build and the body is solid. It won’t bend or flex if you are worried about that. The drive has also got a standard tray system that slides out from the front. There’s a single eject button on the front a small reset hole that opens up the drive if something goes wrong. The back of the drive has a single MiniUSB port.

Overall the build quality is exactly what I’d expect from LG. Everything works like it’s supposed to and the tray slides out smoothly. I’m also happy with the MiniUSB port as it doesn’t move around when you plug in the cable. I have had plenty of devices where the port keeps moving and it just feels cheap. Thankfully that’s not the case with this drive.


There haven’t been any advances in transfer speed in the past decade or so. Which is why all of the latest DVD players have the exact same transfer speed. The LG GP65NB60 has a DVD write speed of 8x and CD write speed of 24x. These are the standard and fastest speeds that you can get from DVD and CD discs.

What brands do instead is come up with a bunch of features to stand out from others. For example this DVD drive has modes called Silent Play and Jamless Play. The Silent Play basically keeps the optical drive from making any noise. It does it by limiting the transfer speed. So there are downsides to using it. The Jamless Play mode on the other hand allows you to use damaged discs. It basically skips past the damaged areas/parts to maintain a smooth playback.

Another feature that I really like is that you can connect the external drive to a TV as well. Most modern TV’s have USB ports so it’s quite useful if you have a bunch of movies on DVD’s and want to watch them. The drive is also compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It automatically installs it self as soon as you plug it into your computer. You don’t need to mess around with any drivers or install any extra programs.


If you are looking for a well priced external DVD drive then the LG GP65NB60 can be an excellent option. It’s hard to find a better drive in its price range. It’s made by a well known company and does everything that it’s supposed to. Not only that but it also has a great build quality. Which is great if you are planning to bring it to work or meetings. The size is also definitely a plus as it’s easy to keep it in a bag.