MAGQI Wireless Charger

MAGQI Wireless Charger

MAGQI is a new wireless charger series that recently came out on Indiegogo. What makes MAGQI so unique is that it offers a set of magnetic chargers for all situations. Doesn’t matter if you are home, in the office, in the car or even outside. MAGQI has wireless chargers for all of that. So let’s check out all of the wireless chargers that MAGQI has to offer.

MAGQI Magnetic Wireless Desk Charger

The MAGQI magnetic wireless desk charger is designed for your home and office. The charger itself comes in all white and it has an interesting stand. It puts the charger in an angle which is perfect for keeping your phone at eyesight. It’s the same idea as on the TYLT VU for example. The tilt can let you read incoming messages even while your phone is charging. Or you can also flip your smartphone to landscape position and watch a movie. The charger comes with 4 magnets around the charging coil. That keeps your device nice and steady.

The wireless desk charger comes with the dimensions of 115x85x65mm / 4.53×3.35×2.56″and weights 240g / 8.5oz.

If you want to move around with the wireless charging phone stand, you can unplug the cord and bring it to another table. The magnetic wireless charger weighs 240g with dimensions of 65x85x115mm. Another good thing is that it doesn’t feature a built-in cord. Instead it works with any microUSB cable. So if you want to move the charger, then just unplug it from the cable.

The MAGQI magnetic wireless desk charger is compatible with the Qi charging standard.

MAGQI Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

MAGQI Wireless Car Charger

As I mentioned before, MAGQI has also got a wireless charger for cars. It comes in all black and the best part, it comes with an air vent clip. You might be familiar with phone docks for cars that are attached to air vents. This one is exactly the same, just that it has wireless charging built inside. It’s super small so it doesn’t look bulky. The air vent will also keep the charger cool so it’s the perfect place for your phone dock. The base of the wireless charger can also be rotated. So you can make the phone sit in the best angle for you to see the screen. Again, the charging area has 4 built in magnets that will keep your phone in place.

The car wireless charger comes in a dimension of 70×65×65mm / 2.7×2.5×2.5″ and weighs 75g / 2.64oz.

The charger also comes with a windshield bracket. It has a suction cup on one end so you can attach it to your windshield. I personally prefer the air vent method.

MAGQI Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

MAGQI Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

The MAGQI power bank is designed for when you are outside, far away from any power outlets. What makes this power bank so unique is that the surface is actually a built-in wireless charger. The surface also has magnets that will keep your phone in place. Just place your phone onto the power bank and it will automatically start charging. No buttons needed. The magnets are also so strong that the phone won’t fall off even if you hold it upside down.

The power bank comes with the dimensions of 147x75x11mm / 5.78×2.95×0.43″ and weighs 215g / 7.6oz. It also has a power capacity of 8000mAh. Besides the wireless charging surface, it has also got 2 USB ports. One of the USB ports also supports the fast charging standard by Qualcomm. So if somebody doesn’t have a phone with the Qi standard, then you can still use the USB port to provide power. Or if you want to charge multiple devices at once.

MAGQI Wireless Charging Receivers

The thing with wireless charging is that it’s still pretty new. That is why not all phones come with built-in wireless charging. For that, MAGQI has also got home new wireless charging receivers. They have specific ones for both Apple and Android devices. You can choose between lighting, microUSB and USB-C ports.

If your phone does support Qi but you are using a plastic case, then you can also get a basic metal sticker from them. It will make sure that your phone will stick to the chargers. I would definitely recommend getting one. based on my experience with magnetic docks.

The entire MAGQI wireless charging set can be purchased from their Indiegogo page for $85. You can also purchase the chargers alone for much less. They plan to start shipping the chargers in March 2017!