Meet Sqair, The Most Cost-Effective Air Purifier You Can Buy

Sqair Cost Effective Air Purifier

If there’s one thing that urbanization has caused it’s pollution. There are hundreds of cities in the world that constantly battle with terrible air. And it’s no longer just a problem of the 3rd world. There are plenty of European and American cities that have horrible air quality and we have started seeing more and more people wear face masks. Which is why there’s such a huge market for air purifiers. Sure they can’t fight the pollution outside but at least they can keep the air clean indoors!

Which is where Sqair comes into the picture. It’s a brand new air purifier that recently showed up on Kickstarter and was funded in just 10 days! But what sets the Sqair apart from the other purifiers is that it’s incredibly cost-effective. The starting retail price is $105, which is actually incredibly cheap for an air purifier. There are plenty of competitors who sell their models for almost triple the price.

Sqair Design

And the best part, the Sqair is extremely nice to look at. To be honest, it’s probably the best looking air purifier that you can currently buy. It has a modern looking shape that’s made out of smooth white plastic. And in addition to that, there are 4 wooden stands that keep the purifier steady. Overall it’s extremely compact and you can place it pretty much anywhere you want.

It’s not just the design and the price either. It’s actually the world’s most cost-effective air purifier. If you compare the amount of air it can clean to the cost, then you’ll actually notice how much more effective it is next to other brands. Oh and it’s much quieter as well.

If you are interested in an affordable air purifier that not only looks fantastic but is also effective, then definitely check out Sqair. And even though the campaign has ended, you can sign up for pre-orders on their website. According to the Kickstarter timeline, they should begin the first campaign deliveries in August 2019. Which is around when we should start seeing reviews as well.