Meet The New Beats Powerbeats Pro

New Beats Powerbeats Pro 2019

It has been a couple of years now since Apple acquired the Beats brand. Since then the headphones have gotten much smarter and most definitely more wireless. Apple has also continued to create earbuds for workouts as well. It makes sense since Beats was insanely popular among athletes. And if you happen to be a gym rat as well, then I have some great news! Beats has finally revealed the new version of the Powerbeats Pro. These are supposedly what the AirPods 2 could be if they bench pressed 315 pounds.

And just like the AirPods 2, the Powerbeats are also wireless. Which isn’t surprising to me as there are plenty of smartphones now that don’t include an audio jack. Don’t believe me? There are plenty of smartphone reviews that you can check out. Take Gadgetgang for example, they recently reviewed the Sony Xperia XZ3 and even they don’t include it anymore. Which is surprising as Sony is also a huge headphone company.

Besides that, the new Beats Powerbeats Pro’s have received a bunch of upgrades as well. They have brand new H1 chip, which was also first introduced with the AirPod 2. It means that the earbuds will automatically connect to any iOS device. Plus you can view the battery life directly from an iPad or iPhone. It’s really convenient and actually one of the reasons why I bought the Beats Studios a couple of years ago.

The upgraded hardware also lets the earbuds automatically switch between audio sources. Such as you can switch between your phone, tablet, computer and even a smartwatch. The earbuds also support Hey Siri voice commands. It lets you summon the Apple voice assistant without having to reach for your phone.

Powerbeats Pro Charging Case 2019

What I really like is that the earbuds have physical buttons. These are great for everyone that doesn’t like touch sensitive buttons. I have had problems with touch sensitive buttons in the past while working out. The sweat doesn’t interact well with them. Which is why it’s always good to have solid physical buttons for workout devices. Both earbuds have buttons for adjusting the volume and changing songs. The earbuds also pause automatically when you take off one of them. Oh and they continue playing when you lift it back.

Like every great workout gadget, the Powerbeats Pro’s are obviously sweat proof. You can’t take them swimming but that’s what other more specialized headphones are for. So sweat proof is more than enough to survive most workouts.

Compared to the AirPod 2, the Powerbeats Pro should last much longer. According to Apple, their battery should have enough juice to listen to music for 9 hours straight. The AirPod 2’s can manage for only 5 hours. So not only do you get earbuds that are waterproof, have the same hardware but also last longer. Overall a pretty good deal don’t you think? Oh and you want to know what else makes it even better than the AirPod 2? It comes with a super nice charging case that can extend it to over 24 hours.

The earbuds will be available for purchase in May 5, 2019 and they will cost $249. Europe and UK are supposed to get it 2 weeks later.