MicroBot Sense: The Smart Sensor For Every Household

MicroBot Sense Smart Sensor

A company called Naran recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for their newest device: the MicroBot Sense. It’s a small and portable sensor that can analyze your environment and display all the data on your smartphone.

The main difference between the Sense and other smart home sensors is that Naran has kept the MicroBot Sense simple and affordable. For just $45, you get a sensor that can measure the air quality, temperature, light, humidity and noise levels. It can even sense motion. And all of the data can be seen from your smartphone with push alerts. Which can also be set to work with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa! The support for Google Assistant is currently being developed.

MicroBot Sense Alerts

The voice assistant devices can be used to check the environment of rooms you are not currently in. For example if you have a baby sleeping in their room and you wan’t to make sure the temperature is okay there. You can also physically use the sensor there. The MicroBot Sense has also got a clickable button that sends all the data directly to your phone and provides a summary.

Besides being easy to use, the Sense also has a great design. It has a dimension of 38 x 38 mm / 1.5 x 1.5″. Which means that you can even attach it to a key holder and bring it everywhere you go. The sensor comes with a built-in battery that is charged via a MicroUSB port. And it connects to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy. Which does drain the battery though.

MicroBot Sense App

You also have the option of paying an extra $59 for a MicroBot HUB. This is the best solution if you plan on using the sensor at home. Then the sensor can stay connected to the HUB and you can also monitor all the information remotely. And you can even pair it with IFTTT then, which can be used to turn your home even smarter. For example you can make other devices such as air purifiers and thermostats work based on the readings from the MicroBot Sense.

If you like the idea of remotely viewing the data, then you’ll also have to subscribe to the MicroBot Cloud Plan. It costs $2.99 a month and all backers get 1 year for free. Which is a pretty good deal as you can test it out for a whole year. And maybe by the end of the year you realize that you don’t even need the remote function.

The MicroBot Sense is a smart sensor for every household! They have already beaten their goal of $20,000 and raised $30,821 as of March 26th. Naran plans to start delivering the first units in July 2018.