MobilePal Gen-2 Review

MobilePal Gen-2 Review

Wireless charging is a fantastic feature that companies have also started adding to their external batteries. One of such companies is MobilePal and their Gen-2 Power Bank. They have made charging your device truly portable and wireless! The Qi Power Bank allows you to wirelessly charge anywhere you are. And the best part is the price of $40 on Amazon. So pretty much the same price as the more premium chargers. But like I said, this can be used while travelling as well. I actually managed to get my hands on one just recently, so today I’m going to give my opinion about it. It’s definitely a nice development of power banks.

Technical Specification

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 152x71x15mm / 6.0×2.8×0.6″
  • Charging power: 5W / 1A
  • Battery capacity: 10000 mAh
  • Features: 2A USB, 1A USB, MicroUSB ports

In The Box

  • MobilePal Gen-2 Wireless Power Bank
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Lightning pin adapter

Design & Charging

The MobilePal Gen-2 has a pretty interesting design. You can choose between a black and white model. The charger itself is made out of a unique synthetic leather like material. The sides are made out of shiny steel. They actually have this chrome accent so there is definitely some shine to it. The back of the power bank has also got some grips to stop it from moving around a table. The top has got the charging surface and also LED lights that tell you how much battery you have left.

The charger is also pretty slim. It’s really easy to take with you when travelling. The surface is actually made out of hard plastic but again, it looks like it’s been made out of leather. MobilePal has even added fake stitching to make it look more real. So overall the MobilePal Gen-2 is definitely one of the best looking power banks available. It has this classy sleek look that you can bring with you anywhere. It has definitely got a premium power bank design and build quality.

MobilePal Gen-2 Power Bank

Now as far as wireless charging goes, MobilePal Gen-2 uses a standard Qi charging solution. The surface has a coil that generates power and that’s it, nothing fancy about it. Just place your phone onto the surface and it will start charging. My only issue with it is that they have only used a one coil system. Because of that, it can take some time before your phone actually starts charging. As in you might need to keep moving your phone until you find the sweet spot. Luckily they have marked the coil’s location on the surface, but it can still take some time at first.

Also, MobilePal Gen-2 features only the 5V/1A Qi charging standard. So there’s no fast charging available. Because of that, it can take quite a long time to fully charge your phone. Around 3 hours depending on the size of your phone.

Besides the Qi wireless charging surface, the power bank has also got 2 USB ports and one MicroUSB port. One of the USB ports also provides 2A of charging power. That allows you to even charge your iPad or Tablet with it. The other USB port provides 1A of power and that’s more suitable for phones. The MicroUSB port is actually for charging the power bank itself. So you can actually charge up to 3 devices at the same time – two via USB ports and one with the Qi wireless charging.

The power bank itself has a capacity of 10000 mAh. That’s enough to fully charge around 3 devices. Again, depending on the type of phone you are going to charge. For example, that would be enough for 2.5 Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones. At the same time, you can charge 3.5 iPhone 6 devices with it. So in average I would say yeah 3 phones. Oh and it takes around 4 hours to fully re-charge the power bank.


MobilePal Gen-2 is a very nice improvement of general power banks. The addition of wireless makes it a much better product in my opinion. While it takes much longer time to charge your phone, it still enables you to use it if you should for example lose a USB cable. Either way it works fairly well. Also considering the technical specifications and design, the MobilePal Gen-2 is actually pretty inexpensive. The QiStone power bank costs around the same and you’ll only get 4000mAh. So with MobilePal, you’ll get twice the amount of battery for the same price. I’d say that’s pretty good.