Narwal: A Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum For Your Home

Narwal Self-Cleaning Robot

The market for robots keeps growing every second. They aren’t that evolved yet but there are some instances where they have already taken over. Take robot vacuums for example. Not only are they insanely popular but they are also getting better and better every year. And more affordable as well.

But to stand out, companies have to also work on improving the current devices. Take this company called Narwal Robotics for example. They have come out with a completely unique robot that not only vacuums but also mops. Plus it even cleans itself! Narwal is the kind of innovation that we want to see when it comes to smart devices!

With Narwal you won’t ever need to worry about cleaning the floors. It features two triangle mops that spin at high speed. The ultra fine microfiber pads remove all of the dirt and even absorb liquid. But that’s not all. The microfiber pads can be swapped out for brushes to turn this clever robot into a vacuum as well. It’s powered by a motor that generates a suction pressure of 1800 Pa. This is enough to effortlessly overcome pet hair, not to mention dirt and dust. The spinning brushes make sure that it cleans all the areas, even the corners.

You are probably wondering what’s so innovative about that? Well the innovation is in the process that comes after its done cleaning your home. Most robot vacuums have a basic base that the robot returns to after its done its duty. Sometimes these bases also include charging. Well Narwal has taken it a step further. After the robot is done, it returns to the base station to clean itself. The station has two buckets and a pump that not only clean the mops but they also store the waste water. It even has a ventilation system that dries up the mop once it’s been cleaned. This eliminates the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Narwal Robotics App

Again that’s still not all. Narwal has also got an incredible brain. It can study the environment and create optimized cleaning routes. It uses the Lidar Navigation Technology that’s also present in DJI products. You can even pair it up with your phone. The Narwal Robotics App lets you monitor everything about the robot but also configure cleaning settings. You can even view the cleaning map of your home and create no-go zones.

This robot does come with plenty of smart sensors that stop it from falling off the stairs or getting stuck. Such as the cliff sensor for example. They have even added a retractable bumper that reacts when it runs into an object. What I really like about this robot is the low amount of noise that it generates. According to the company, the maximum noise coming from it should only be 45 dB. So it can even drive around the house late at night without waking you up.

The Narwal robot vacuum and mop is currently waiting for funding at Kickstarter. They have so far pledged over $580,000 with over 30 days left to go. So they have already beaten their original goal of $30,000. It’s clear that I’m not the only one that’s excited about this device. According to their project timeline, they hope to start production in June 2019 and ship out the first devices in September 2019. The early bird package costs $549.