NATEDE: The Smart Natural Air Purifier By Clairy

NATEDE Smart Natural Air Purifier

Clairy is a company that is known for having the best natural air purifiers in the market. They released their first product on Kickstarter years ago and it was a major success. Now it’s time to introduce their latest creation: the NATEDE smart natural air purifier!

This new next generation air purifier features both new design and technology. It’s a beautiful device that is fitting for any home and office! It uses a new innovative technology to clean the air by running it through the plants roots. But they have also included extra sensors and even a filter that in combination with the plant can remove up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, odors and fine particulates from the air. Not to mention 93% of pollutants (VOC).

NATEDE Natural Air Purifier Technology

NATEDE has all kind of different sensors built inside it that are used to monitor the air quality. It can detect pollutants, fine-particulates and carbon monoxide in the air. But also measure the temperature and humidity of the room you place it in. All of this data can then be viewed straight from your phone. The air purifier can be connected to your WiFi network, from where you can check everything. It also has Bluetooth, which let’s you pair it with your phone. For that, Clairy has developed a new NATEDE app.

NATEDE Mobile App

The app let’s you monitor the air quality in real time. But it also allows you to configure the speed of the fan inside NATEDE. You can also change between four operating modes. One of such modes is called the Night mode. It will turn down the fan to minimum while you are away from home, which saves energy. Or you can also boost up the fan speed while cooking, so that the device can purify more air faster! The device can also be paired up with other smart home devices, Amazon Alexa for example. This will allow you to even control the NATEDE with voice commands!

Clairy hasn’t forgotten about the plants either. There’s no need to worry if you are going on a holiday. The air purifier also has a built-in self watering system. There’s a water tank inside that should last a month.

Clairy has yet again developed an innovative natural air purifier. The smart device can really elevate the air quality around you. Besides that, it can also alleviate odors from cigarettes, cooking and pets. The device can be found on Kickstarter, where it’s currently undergoing fundraising. As of today, they have beaten their goal of €50,000 by raising more than €60,000. And they still have 44 days to go! You also get to choose between two versions: Normal and Premium. The normal version is currently €133 as an early pledge. The premium version is €249 and it comes with an additional CO2 sensor.