NETGEAR CM700 Review

NETGEAR CM700 Review

It’s hard to find a cable modem company that’s more known than Netgear. They are mostly known for their reliability and the continuous improvement of their products. You can expect the latest hardware when you buy their new modems. The great thing about this is that even a couple of years later, their modems are still compatible. One of such is the highly rated Netgear CM700 model. It features 32 x 8 channels, which is only common for faster modems. But it’s still a few years old and technology improves pretty fast. Especially when it comes to transfer speeds. So let’s see how well it performs in our review.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 16.7×13.2×6.9 cm / 6.6×5.2×1.7″
  • Max speed: Up to 1.4 Gbps (175 MB/s) download
  • Channels: 32 x 8
  • 1 WAN coaxial cable connection
  • 1 Ethernet port

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In The Box

  • Netgear CM700 cable modem
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power cable


Netgear has always been known for their beautiful and modern looking cable modems. That’s also the case with the CM700. I really like how it’s vertical and that it has a stand. It takes much less space than a horizontal modem and it looks good enough to keep it out in the open. The modem is made out of black plastic and the sides have a mesh pattern. They are actual holes that act as a vent to get the hot air out of the modem. I also really like the sharp and aggressive edges.

NETGEAR CM700 Design

The backside of the Netgear CM700 is where you can find the WAN coaxial internet cable connector. Above it is a single Ethernet port. And beneath it you’ll find a power input and an On/Off button. The front of the cable modem has green LED lights that show what’s working etc. Overall it’s a really well made cable modem. It has a dimension of 16.7×13.2×6.9 cm / 6.6×5.2×1.7″, which is definitely not the smallest. But again it has a much smaller footprint than most other models, thanks to the vertical position. It’s one of the best looking cable modems in my opinion.

Setting It Up

The Netgear CM700 is incredibly easy to set up. It comes with a built-in dynamic handshake feature. Which means that the modem does everything automatically to start receiving the signal from your ISP. So all you need to do is turn on the modem, plug in the internet cable and the Ethernet cable. After that, the CM700 should handle everything internally. I added a simple network connection graph below.


There are however instances where it doesn’t go as smoothly. This usually depends on your internet service provider (ISP). If you have trouble getting it to work and you have the everything right, then you should definitely call them. Sometimes they don’t activate automatically, in which case you need to call them so that they can do it remotely.


The Netgear CM700 modem is designed to work with almost all of internet service providers. It has the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, which is used by both big and small companies. It has been officially certified to work with XFINITY, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Spectrum. It also works with many other companies but you’ll need to check with them first. Or contact Netgear for a full list of ISPs that they are compatible with.


It’s hard to find a better cable modem when it comes to performance. The Netgear CM700 has the best hardware available to bring you the fastest speed. It even has a 32 x 8 channel system. What this means is that you have 32 channels for download and 8 channels for upload. It’s fantastic if you have a lot of people using the internet. It allows you to use different channels in case some get overcrowded. You also get a more stable internet connection in such a situation.

The maximum download speed that the modem supports is 1.4 Gbps, which converts to 175 MB/s. This is incredibly fast and if your ISP supports it, then you can download 4K movies and videos in almost instantly. Not to mention streaming. The modem has also got a fantastic 4 core processor that can handle streaming without any issues. So overall it does everything that Netgear has advertised.


If you are looking for a high quality and well priced cable modem, then you should definitely check out the Netgear CM700. It’s fantastic for both streamers and small businesses. But you can also use it at home if your current modem isn’t producing the speed that you are paying your ISP for. In that case, it might be a good idea to switch out your current modem. You can take online speed tests and compare them to your ISP contract. If you aren’t getting at least 80% of the speed you are promised, then you should probably be looking at a new modem. In which case, the CM700 may definitely be able to help.