Peak Design Cuff Review

Peak Design Cuff Review

Peak Design is an extremely popular camera accessories brand. But they don’t just make any accessories, they are known for their high quality professional grade products. Especially their camera straps that are really highly rated. Well I was looking for a wrist strap for my camera. After reading a couple of reviews and posts on Reddit, I discovered that most people recommend the Peak Design Cuff. So I decided to follow that advice and I have been really happy with it. So here are my thoughts about the wrist strap and what you can expect from it!

In The Box

  • Peak Design Cuff wrist strap
  • 2x Anchor connectors
  • Microfiber pouch


The problem with camera wrist straps is that they are usually pretty plain and boring. But that’s definitely not the case here. The Peak Design Cuff looks better than what any other competitor has to offer. It’s not even that it looks better, it’s also very comfortable to use. It has the perfect width that doesn’t dig into your skin when you drop the camera. Plus the size is easily adjustable by just sliding the aluminium end.

Peak Design Cuff Design

I also really like that Peak Design has used high quality materials on this. The strap itself is made out of a really nice nylon. It also has an aluminium piece at the end of it, which is then used for adjusting the size. There is also a small piece of magnet inside the nylon. This magnet is really small and you won’t even notice it. It’s there in case you want to wear the Cuff as an actual wrist strap when it’s not attached to a camera.

Peak Design is really well known for their connectors. And they use their anchor connectors here as well. The wrist strap actually comes with two of them. So you can always have one extra in case the other one might eventually wear out. These are pretty strong though and they are definitely durable. The anchor hub that’s attached to the strap is made out of plastic and steel. The anchor stays really well in place there and it’s also easy to remove it.

Peak Design Cuff Accessories

Overall the Peak Design Cuff is really well designed and works perfectly. I don’t have anything bad to say about it and I haven’t seen any other companies have anything similar either. Another good thing is that the same anchors are also used on other Peak Design products as well. So you can later on get a neck strap perhaps and use the exact same connectors. Oh and the Cuff does also come in two different colors: black and grey.


When I was searching for wrist straps for my Sony A6000 camera, I had 3 main requirements. It had to have a nice design, comfortable and not make me completely broke. The Peak Design Cuff ticked all of those boxes. And not only that, it’s also made out of high quality materials that make it extremely durable. So if you are like me and are searching for a camera wrist strap, then I definitely recommend checking out the Peak Design Cuff!