POQIT – The Smart Charging Wallet

POQIT smart charging wallet

The main purpose of technology is to make our daily lives easier. In order to do that, different technological gadgets have started appearing in things that are always around us. Take a wallet for example. It’s always with us, we use it constantly through out the day. And while it serves it’s purpose, wouldn’t it be cool if it did something extra besides just holding our money and cards? Of course without losing it’s functionality and size.

A new group of entrepreneurs from Germany have come out with a product called POQIT. POQIT is the worlds first smart charging wallet. It incorporates your basic everyday wallet and the power of wireless charging!

POQIT Smart Charging Wallet

The most important thing about a wallet is the way it looks and the size. It has to be small enough so you can fit it in your pockets. Otherwise what’s the point of it right? POQIT is exactly that. It has a very clean and sleek minimalistic design. It’s free of distractions, with just a logo on one side of the wallet. The logo is actually the area that can be used to wireless charge your device. It uses the standard Qi wireless charging standard. All you have to do is place your Qi supported phone onto the area and that’s it! A fantastic solution for when you are at a cafe and need to charge your phone.

This is possible thanks to the 2500mAh battery built inside the wallet. It’s enough to fully charge your phone once. And yes while there are portable batteries available with a bigger capacity, they are also bulky and large. The goal of POQIT is that you don’t need to carry around an extra bulky device. It’s already built inside something you take with you anyways! The 2500mAh battery is the perfect size that doesn’t make the wallet uncomfortable to use.

The POQIT smart wallet is available in two colors: black and noble cognac. It also includes a RFID skimming protection fabric. This type of protection will keep your personal data safe and stop criminals from the information from RFID chips. Besides that, there is also an app that will connect your phone to the POQIT wallet. It uses Bluetooth and the app will notify you if your wallet is too far from the phone. So if someone tries to steal it, you will notice. Oh and there is also a reverse function as well. If you happen to lose your phone, you can use a button on the wallet to make your phone ring.

POQIT is a truly unique product that not only makes your life easier, but also adds an extra protection to your personal belongings. The smart charging wallet is currently available on Kickstarter for around $135.