Put2Go Car Charger Review

Put2Go Wireless Charger Car Review

The main idea of wireless chargers is to make your life easier. And while they do that perfectly, many companies have completely forgotten about cars. Most of our daily time is spent in a car and what would be a better place to add a wireless charger to. Besides making your life easier, it also makes it safer. No need to mess around with having to connect your phone to a cable. Put2Go is the latest company to understand this concept. They have released a new simple wireless charger for cars. I have been looking for a good one for some time now. So I have a great opportunity to review this now.

Technical Specification

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 70x55mm / 2.75×2.16″
  • Weight: 83g / 2.9oz
  • Charging power: 5W / 1A
  • Features: Magnetic surface, clip for car air vents

In The Box

  • Put2Go Car Wireless Charger
  • MicroUSB-USB charging cable
  • Smartphone adapter (MicroUSB or Lightning port)

Design & Charging

The main problem with most car wireless chargers is that they are big. I’m talking bulky and ugly. Put2Go has solved this issue. They have taken a popular air vent smartphone dock and turned it into a wireless charger. It’s literally the perfect design for cars.

The charger is basically a small round disc with a magnetic surface. So basically your phone will stay on the charger the entire time. What you do need is either a smartphone with a steel cover or a steel adapter. Once you do that, you don’t have to worry about your phone dropping off the charger even when driving through a hole. The magnet is pretty strong and definitely sturdy.

Now to attach the charger to your car, there is a pretty “heavy duty” clip on the back. You just attach it to an air vent in your car and that’s it. They have also used a spring inside the connector so it grab the air vent tightly and not come out when you lift your phone. I have had some cheaper docks before that just a clip with no tightening so they always managed to fall out. Definitely not an issue with the Put2Go.

Put2Go Wireless charger

In order to start charging, you need to connect the wireless charger to a power source in your car via the USB cable. So make sure that your car has a USB port. Once you do that, just place your phone onto the surface. If you placed it correct, the phone should immediately start charging. You’ll also notice a dim blue LED light up from underneath the charger. If it doesn’t though then you’ll need to move the phone around a little to find the right charging spot. That’s bit of an issue while driving. So I definitely recommend doing this while you have stopped. It did take me a while before I started placing it on the right spot consistently.

So besides charging your phone, it also acts as a dock. It keeps the phone at a perfect angle. Especially useful when you are using google maps to navigate while driving. The wireless charger is also fairly small. It’s around the same diameter as the width of the iPhone 7 so when your phone is on top of it, you won’t see the actual charger. I mean it’s a pretty nice wireless charging dock that doesn’t stand out massively.

Oh and the Put2Go charger does support only the Qi wireless charging standard. So if your phone already features it, then amazing. If it doesn’t then you need to pick the correct Qi wireless receiver that comes with the charger. You can choose between a Lightning port (iPhone) and MicroUSB (Android) options. They are very thin and have to be used with a case. Preferably a thin rubber case as they are made of steel and help your phone stay attached to the charger.


The main issue with wireless chargers for cars is that they are too massive and bulky. Put2Go has definitely solved this issue and their wireless charger is the perfect solution for any car. It’s made out of high quality plastic, the air vent connectors are literally the best there is. Perhaps the only area that could use some work is the charging surface. It can take too much time at the beginning to find the correct charging spot. Also it doesn’t support fast wireless charging. But other than that, it’s probably the best wireless charger available for cars.