Rioddas External CD Drive Review

Rioddas External CD Drive Review

There’s a lot of brands on Amazon that aren’t very well known. And sometimes they even receive much higher ratings than the famous ones. The Rioddas external CD drive is exactly that. Not only has it received the highest rating but it’s also the bestselling optical drive. All of the reviews I have read have been incredibly positive. So I decided to buy myself one as well and here are my thoughts about it!

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 147×145×16 mm / 5.8×5.7×0.6″
  • Weight: 326 g / 0.72 lbs
  • Loading type: Tray
  • DVD Writing Speed: Up to 8x DVD+RW
  • CD Writing Speed: Up to 24x CD-RW
  • Attached USB-A cable
  • Compatibility: Windows, Linux & Mac operating systems

In The Box

  • Rioddas CD Drive
  • Manual


Simple devices are usually the most successful. And that’s exactly what can be said about the Rioddas drive as well. Visually it looks like a pretty typical external optical drive. It has a black brushed texture shell and a typical rectangular shape.

Even the size is typical as it has the overall dimensions of 147×145×16 mm / 5.8×5.7×0.6″. The drive weighs 326 g / 0.72 lbs so it’s easily portable. There is one unique design feature though. The bottom of the drive has a slot for the USB cable. It’s a great addition to have as it keeps the cable neat and safe from damages. Especially if you plan to take it with you in a bag. And yes, the USB cable is attached to the drive and you can’t change it.

Rioddas External CD Drive Design

Or you can also just keep it on the desk. In addition to the slot, the bottom of the CD drive also has 4 rubber pads. It stops the device from moving around the desk. If you are planning to use it with a desktop PC, then make sure that you can keep the drive near an available USB port. Unfortunately the cable isn’t that long so make sure that there’s enough space.

Rioddas External CD Drive Bottom

The front side of the Rioddas external CD drive has an eject button, a LED light and a pinhole for emergencies. You can use the pinhole to open up the tray when there’s no power or the computer is turned off. The loading tray simply slides out of the drive.


Performance wise, the Rioddas optical drive is just as good as all of the other external DVD drives I have listed. It can read and write both CD and DVD discs. The maximum speed for DVD’s is 8x and for CD’s 24x. That’s pretty much the standard speed you can find on any of the competitors as well.

And most importantly it’s reliable. I have used it for a month now and so far I haven’t encountered any problems. The same seems to be the case with the other reviews as well that I have read. It explains the positive feedback.

I mean it’s super easy to use. It only requires for you to have one available USB port. It uses it for both the power and data transfer. So you don’t need to mess around with any of the Y cables. Simply plug in the drive and you are good to go. No need to install any drivers or programs to use it.

It’s also compatible with most operating systems. According to the technical specifications, you can use the drive on all Windows systems, Mac OS and even Linux. With Linux you need to have a CD burning software to write CD’s. And with DVD’s, make sure that you have a VLC media player installed. You can download it for free.


The Rioddas external CD drive is extremely straightforward and easy to use. There aren’t any fancy features or extras on it. And the overall design is also pretty standard. I do like the addition of being able to store away the USB cable. So overall I can see why it has received so many high ratings. There are also a couple of 1 stars as well but they are clearly the minority and have some defect issues. So overall yes, I can definitely recommend it.