Roccat Leadr Review

Roccat Leadr Review

In the past couple of years, wireless technology has improved quite a lot. So much that wired mice aren’t noticeably better than wireless gaming mice anymore. For example the two giants, Razer and Logitech, even have their own wireless gaming mice line. The new technology is even claimed to transfer data faster than a USB connection! So now it’s Roccat’s turn to enter the market. They have created the Roccat Leadr wireless mouse that has tons of programmable buttons and 20 hours of battery life. Plus an insanely high DPI and a fast wireless connection. It’s the perfect wireless gaming mouse, especially for those that enjoy playing FPS games!

The Roccat Leadr is currently their most expensive mouse. It also has the most features. It’s buttons and design was inspired by the Roccat Tyon. To be exact, they have pretty much taken the Tyon mouse and upgraded it with a more sensitive sensor and a wireless feature. Which isn’t bad at all, as the overall mouse design is very ergonomic and extremely comfortable for gaming. So let’s see if the Roccat Leadr is worth the price.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 126×80×45mm / 5.0×3.2×1.8″
  • Weight: 134 g / 0.3 lbs
  • Sensor: 12000 DPI
  • 14 programmable buttons
  • Customizable light
  • Type: Wireless
  • Built-in 1000 mAh Li-On battery
  • Battery Life: 20 hours

In The Box

  • Roccat Leadr Wireless mouse
  • Charging dock
  • USB 2.0 to Micro-USB cable
  • Installation guide & stickers

Design & Features

The new Roccat Leadr has got the exact same design as the Roccat Tyron. It has a dimension of 126×80×45 mm / 5.0×3.2×1.8″ and weighs 134 g / 0.3 lbs. Based on just the size, I’d say that the mouse is better for larger hands. It’s meant to be held with your entire palm and not just the ends of your fingers. Also the mouse has been designed for right hand users. And it does fit in there perfectly. It’s actually very comfortable to use.

So let’s take a look at all of the buttons and design elements that make the Leadr wireless gaming mouse so good. The first thing you’ll notice on the bottom side are two gold pins. Those are used for charging the mouse with the dock. There are also 3 buttons. One for turning the mouse on and off, one for pairing it with the dock and one for connecting the mouse to the Micro-USB cable. I want to point out that the last MicroUSB button is a very nice feature to have. The only way you can remove the cable from your mouse is by holding the button down. Which means that it’s impossible for the cable to come off otherwise. While this is a wireless mouse, it’s nice to see that Roccat has also spent time working on features in case you might want to use a cable.

Roccat Leadr Design

The top and sides have tons of different buttons. Each which you can set different hotkeys for. Some more interesting ones are the two buttons on either side of the mouse. They are placed so well that they don’t get in the way while gaming, but you can still easily use them. There is also a new switch called the “Fin Switch” which is located on the top of the mouse, near the wheel. You can move it right and left, which transfers to a click right and a click left.

Roccat Leadr Wireless Mouse

Another noticeable addition is the “X-Celerator” switch on the left side of the mouse. Unlike other buttons, that just click, the “X-Celerator” moves like a joystick. Smoothly up and down. This can be used for driving cars in certain FPS games. For example for choosing the speed of the car. It’s a very nice feature by Roccat.

Roccat Leadr Dock

Besides the Roccat Leadr wireless mouse, you also get a charging dock. Well to be exact, the dock works as both a charger and a receiver. So it needs to be always connected to your computer if you want to use the mouse. The dock is quite big and does take quite a bit of space. There are also LED lights inside both the dock and mouse. Unlike most other gaming mice, Roccat has been quite subtle with the LED lights. Only the logo and the wheel have lights. The bottom of the dock has 4 LED dots, which displays the battery life of the mouse.


Traditionally, wireless mice have never been that great for gaming. They require fast reactions and precision. Technology has improved a lot in the past couple of years, and the Roccat Leadr has the same technical specs as wired gaming mice. The Leadr has a 1000 Hz polling rate and a 1 ms response time. It transfers data wirelessly faster than a USB connection. So you don’t have to worry about mouse lag while playing games. You won’t notice any difference between playing with a wired mouse and the Roccat Leadr.

The Roccat Leadr also has a new Owl-Eye optical sensor. It has an adjustable range from 100 to 12000 DPI. It’s super accurate and I definitely have no complaints there. I personally only use 2000 DPI anyways so it’s definitely more than enough for me. Roccat also recommends the 400 – 3000 DPI as the optimal range.

Roccat Swarm

All of the configuring and programming can be done from the Roccat Swarm program. It’s similar to the Razer Synapse and really easy to use. If you have any other Roccat products as well, then you are probably already familiar with the program. Oh and of course the LED colors can also be changed from there.


Roccat Leadr is definitely one of the best wireless gaming mouse available at the moment. It has tons of programmable buttons and different switches that can be helpful at different games. And most importantly, the placements are spot on and don’t get in the way. The only part that can be argued is the design and shape of the mouse. Unfortunately the mouse can’t be used by left handed people. It’s strictly designed for right handed so there is one issue. Rest of the design and shape comes down to personal preference, how you like the feel of it etc.