Skullcandy Method Review

Skullcandy Method Review

Skullcandy is a Utah based company that is known for making some of the best bass for bang headphones. They mostly target outdoor action sports (snowboarding, skateboarding, etc), so it makes sense for me to review them. Seeing as they should work just as well while running or just working out. For that reason, I have chosen the Skullcandy Method earphones. These earphones are specially designed to withstand even the sweatiest workouts. And with a price of $30, they could be an excellent choice for working out. Especially if you don’t want to spend $80+ on wireless headphones.

In The Box

  • Skullcandy Method earphones
  • Skullcandy rubber wristband
  • 2 pairs or earbud tips
  • Black headphone pouch
  • Cable clip


The Skullcandy Method headphones come in 8 different colors: pink, blue/gray, light gray, light gray/dark gray, navy/blue, swirl, teal/yellow, yellow/gray. The overall design of the earbuds is pretty simple. There are no fancy fins/wings etc. The included earbud tips fit snug in your ears, even while working out. Both the earbud tips and the earphone itself are sweat/moisture resistant. So these are actually meant for working out and won’t get damaged by sweat.

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The Method also comes with a 1 button remote control on the cable. You can use it to playback and skip songs, pick up and end calls. Sadly no volume changing though. Also the cable is pretty thin, so it does get tangled up now and then. Especially if you leave it in a bag. Other than that though, these are pretty solid earphones. The sweat resistant gel tips are super comfortable and sit really nice in my ear.


Skullcandy is known for delivering insane bass. The same applies to these earphones. The Skullcandy Method earphones are basically for serious bass lovers and not really for those who value balance. Even when listening to calmer, more vocal songs, the subwoofer like bass is still there. So if you like listening to bass heavy music, such as EDC, while working out, then you will probably like the way these headphones sound. For anything else though, I can’t really recommend them. What is good about these that even if you are listening to some hip hop/rap, such as Kanye West, the vocals are still clear even while the background is popping with bass.


I have personally rated the Skullcandy Method’s as the best wired headphones for running. These headphones don’t 100% cancel the noise around you. This will definitely be helpful if you enjoy running in an urban environment as you can hear the traffic. Also the 1 button remote control is perfect for changing songs or picking up calls while running. Plus I mostly listen to fast hyped up electronic music while running, so these fit me 100%. Plus the fact that it is sweat proof and much cheaper than wireless earbuds, make it an even better option for me.