Soyan 3D Pen Review

3D printing pens are fantastic for children. They can use them to improve their creative thinking and turn drawings into a reality. However children tend to grow up and move away from things that they once liked. Which is why it’s not always the best idea to spend a lot of money. One of such children friendly devices is the Soyan 3D pen. It’s a well priced and easy to use 3D printing pen. Well at least according to the countless reviews on Amazon. But they aren’t always trustworthy, so let’s see how well it really performs!

In The Box

  • Soyan 3D pen
  • 3 strands of 1.75 mm ABS plastic filaments
  • 5 pieces of 3D templates
  • AC power adapter


The Soyan 3D pen is one of the most simple looking 3D printers available. There’s literally nothing special about it. It’s just a plastic 3D pen that’s surprisingly comfortable to hold onto. They have done a great job at making its design as ergonomic as possible. You won’t find any fancy LCD screens on it.

Soyan 3D Pen Design

There are just two buttons for feed and reverse. There is also a speed control slider that you can use to adjust the printing speed. Other than that, there are just two LED lights: one for power and the other for status. This simple design is what makes it so great for children.

As far as the build quality goes, it’s nothing special. Well to be fair, the printer is well put together and it doesn’t feel like breaking apart when you hold it. But you can obviously tell that it isn’t some expensive high quality 3D pen. The plastic used feels kind of cheap. And that’s fine in my opinion as they aren’t asking for a premium price for it. What I really like is that they have made the nozzle replaceable.

Besides the pen, you also get 3 strands of ABS plastic filament. There are also 5 pieces of 3D templates included. These are great for beginners to learn the basics. I do recommend buying extra plastic filaments as well as you’ll run out the included ones quite fast.


The great thing about the Soyan 3D pen is that besides its simple design, it’s also incredibly easy to use. You just connect it to the AC power adapter, press the feed button and wait for the pen to heat up. Once the status LED turns from red to green, you are ready to print. Next just slide in the strand of plastic and hold down the feed button. That’s pretty much the easiest way to describe the process.

In reality it still takes some time to get used to. For example you can just the slider on the 3D pen to adjust the feed speed. I prefer having it around medium and that works the best for me. Overall it works. What I don’t like that much about is that it comes with ABS plastic instead of PLA. Melting ABS plastic creates some unhealthy fumes that aren’t that nice to inhale. The smell made my head ache after a while. Which is why I definitely recommend purchasing PLA strands instead.


The Soyan 3D pen does absolutely everything that it’s advertised for and it does it well. You can obviously tell that it isn’t some premium looking 3D printing pen. And that’s fine as it’s not supposed to be. It’s a simple 3D printing pen that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for. Which makes it a great budget option for children to play with. I would just buy extra strands of PLA plastic instead.

6.6 Total Score

Build Quality
Compatible Plastic