Tacklife LDM05 Review

Tacklife is a company that is known for their extremely well priced power tools. I recently discovered that they have also added different laser measure tools to the list. And to my surprise, they were all full of different features that no other competitor offered in their price range! So I knew that I had to review one of those and I chose the Tacklife LDM05 Advanced 196FT laser measure! It’s a budget model that has plenty of functions and long enough distance for even outside work.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 120×48×27 mm / 4.7×1.9×1.1″
  • Range: 60 m / 196 ft
  • Accuracy: +/- 1/16 inch (1.5 mm)
  • Precision: 1/16 inch (standard), 0.001 meter (metric)
  • Power Source: 2x AAA batteries
  • Functions: Area / Volume, Addition / Subtraction, Pythagorean
  • Memory: Up to 20 measurements
  • Features: Backlight LCD display, bubble level
  • IP54 splash water and dust resistant
  • Warranty: 2 Years


The Tacklife LDM05 looks like any other laser measure. The device is fully made out of plastic and comes with the traditional Tacklife black and orange color scheme that all of their products have. Despite being a budget laser measure, the device still has an excellent built quality. Nothing about the measure feels flimsy or out of place. And even though there are no rubber details on the side, it’s still really comfortable to use and hold onto. In addition, the case also has an IP54 waterproof rating which should protect against splash water and dust!

Tacklife Laser Measure 196FT Dimensions

The laser measure has a dimension of 120×48×27 mm / 4.7×1.9×1.1″ which is large enough to fit a LCD screen and a panel of buttons. The LCD screen is actually very nice and it even has back light. Which is extremely good in low light environments. Compared to other laser measures in this price range, the Tacklife has way more buttons and functions. You’ll notice that straight from looking at it. I have added an image below of all the functions. There is even a leveler to help you get the most accurate measurements possible. This is great addition in my opinion.

Tacklife Laser Measure 196FT Functions

Behind the laser measure, you will find a compartment for two AAA batteries. The batteries also come with the Tacklife S2 Advanced as well. Besides that, the package also includes a belt clip and a wrist strap. These are pretty useful for carrying it around and avoiding dropping it. So the overall package is actually fantastic and includes everything you need. There’s really nothing to criticize about the laser measures design or build quality.


Despite having so many buttons and features, it’s actually really easy to use the Tacklife LDM05 Advanced laser measure. Most of the time you’ll just be using the measuring button which automatically displays the values to the LCD screen. The screen can fit 4 lines of data at once. These values can be saved to memory and you can view them later on. The memory can fit up to 20 measurements.

The Tacklife advanced laser measure series includes 3 different models that all have different ranges. The model that im reviewing, the LDM05, has a maximum range of  60 m / 196 ft. This is more than enough for any household and it can also be used outside where you may have longer distances. Either way it has the standard precision and accuracy values that all laser measures have.

And yes, this laser measure can be used everywhere. You can switch between units you want to measure in so it doesn’t matter if you use metric or inches/feet.


Overall the Tacklife LDM05 Advanced Laser Measure 196FT is definitely one of the best bang for buck options available. It does everything that even some of the more expensive models do. So if you are looking for a budget laser measure for your home, then this is definitely a good choice!

7.8 Total Score

Build Quality