Tacklife SDP50DC Review

Tacklife is a relatively new company that products from power tools to camping lanterns. Despite that, their products have received a lot of praise in the short time. So today I’m going to review the Tacklife SDP50DC cordless screwdriver. Which is also the best selling screwdriver on Amazon! And that’s not surprising, as besides the screwdriver, you also get a whole set of different bits. Compared to it’s competitors, you get way more for the same price. So what it now comes down to is the Tacklife SDP50DC’s overall quality and of course power!

Technical Specification

  • Speed: 200 RPM
  • Torque: 35 in-lbs
  • Features: LED light
  • Connector: Hex
  • Built-in Li-On battery

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The Tacklife SDP50DC has a pretty standard cordless screwdriver design. It has the typical gun shape that’s perfect for home usage. However despite that, the design still has some elements that can be found on industrial power tools. For example the screwdriver is made out of high quality plastic and even has a rubber cover. The rubber cover is the part that makes it really tough and nice to use. So I’m personally really happy with that.

Tacklife SDP50DC Design

Overall, the design is pretty simple and ergonomic. It only has an on/off switch, which is based on the handle. So you can also use it with just one hand. There are also 3 LED’s on the top of the screwdriver, which display the battery life. I haven’t actually seen this on other electric screwdrivers before, so again a very nice feature to have. And there is also a forward/reverse switch there. The bottom of the handle has a MicroUSB port for charging it. And yes, a MicroUSB to USB cable is included as well. Another feature that I really like is the front LED light. It makes it easier to work in places that hardly have any light.

Tacklife SDP50DC Bits

Besides the screwdriver and charging cable, Tacklife has also added 30 pieces of different screwdriver bits. Oh and they come in a nice case as well, so you don’t have to worry about where to store them. Overall I really like that they have included this. The whole set is perfect for households as you don’t have to buy more bits separately. You get everything you’ll need with the screwdriver to get the job done and I like that.


The Tacklife cordless screwdriver is excellent for household jobs. And by that I mean jobs such as assembling furniture and fixing electric outlets. Basically everything that isn’t too demanding on the screwdriver. Obviously tasks like driving screws into wood require a more powerful screwdriver. You can technically still do it with the SDP50DC as well, but make sure you get a hex head drill then to create a small hole first. Other than that, it gets the jobs done.

The screwdriver has a built-in 2000mAh Li-On battery. It takes around 3 hours to fully charge it and the battery life depends on how much you use it. Either way there is a battery life indicator on the top so you always know when it needs charging.


If you are looking for a cheap but high quality cordless screwdriver, then the Tacklife SDP50DC is an excellent choice. I especially like that it comes with 30 pieces of different screw dips. But besides that, the screwdriver itself is really solid as well. There is plenty of torque and it feels very nice in hand. Definitely not something you’d expect from such an inexpensive tool.

7.1 Total Score

The best cordless screwdriver for home and office!

Build Quality
Battery Life