Takieso MousePad+: The Mouse Pad & Wireless Charger Combo

TAKIESO MousePad Plus

Takieso is a New York City based design studio. They recently revealed a new smart mouse pad on Kickstarter! The device is called the MousePad+ and it combines a beautiful wool covered mouse pad and a wireless charger. This combo seems to be a success as the company has managed to get $14,000 out of their $15,000 goal and they have 45 days left to go. And it makes sense, as mouse pads are more popular than ever before. Sure computer mice are more precise now, but they also still work the best on a mouse pad!

Takieso MousePad Plus Wireless Charger

The TAKIESO MousePad+ is a very well designed mouse pad. Besides the wool felt covered mouse pad area, there is also a wireless charging pad built inside there. The Qi wireless charging pad is the leather covered area. You can choose between 3 different leather colors: black, brown and blue. You can easily fold it up and take it with you anywhere you go. Or you can also just place it into a laptop bag if you are using that.

The device connects to your computer via a standard USB-A cable. There is also an option for a USB-C adapter if you pledge $35. The early bird price is $29. According to Takieso, they plan to ship out the MousePad+ in August 2018. That’s of course if it meets funding, which at this rate, it definitely should. So if you want a nice looking mouse pad with some nifty wireless charging features added to it, then head out to their Kickstarter campaign and check it out!