The Air Dock 2.0 Review

Air Dock 2.0 Review

Nowadays we spend most of our lives in cars. So more often we find ourselves charging our phones in cars. But there are better, wire free ways to do that. Car makers, especially in the USA, have started adding wireless chargers to their cars to simplify your life. But not all cars have that feature. That is who Air Dock 2.0 is made for. Air Dock 2.0 is a wireless charging car dock for smartphones that comes with a micro-suction holder and a magnet that locks devices to the dock. Air Dock 2.0 costs from $99 to $119 so is it actually worth the price?

In The Box

  • Air Dock 2.0 wireless charger
  • Mount of your choice
  • Single port USB power supply
  • 90cm/3ft USB power cable
  • Magnetic sticker


  • Wireless standard: Qi
  • Connectivity: NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled to trigger events on your phone. For example start music, open apps or go to dock mode.

Design & Charging

Air Dock 2.0 is made out of plastic and consists of a dock and mount. The docks back has a small neck and magnets built inside. The surface has a clever micro-suction feature. That and magnets secure a users phone while charging it. Removing the need for any clips. The neck is really useful as it can be used to adjust angle of the dock. The dock itself has a really good build quality and doesn’t feel cheap at all. Mounts are also made out of high quality plastic and most have a suction cup. You can choose between 4 different mounting options for your car.

Air Dock 2.0 wireless charger

Mounting options:

  • Standard mount for textured surfaces – suction cup mount that can be used on slightly textured or curved surfaces. For example dashboards.
  • Standard mount for smooth surfaces – suction cup mount that can be used on flat glossy surfaces. For example windshield.
  • Long flexible – flexible suction cup mount that can be used on flat glossy surfaces. For example windshield.
  • CD mount – mount that can be inserted in the slot of a CD player.
Air Dock 2.0 mounts

What I really like about the whole Air Dock 2.0 is how easy it is to install it. It basically takes no longer than 5 minutes to fully attach the wireless charging dock to a car. What you need to do is attach the Air Dock 2.0 charging pad to the mounting attachment you chose. Once that is done place the mount where you need to put it. Make sure the mount is fully secured before using it. The last step is connecting the USB charger to the car and USB port behind the Air Dock 2.0.

Once you are done installing, all you have to do is place your phone onto the docks surface and it will start charging. It is literally as simple as that. Air Dock 2.0 has also got a clever feature called the NFC. If your device is compatible with NFC then you can set your device to start an app or play music automatically when you place it onto the charger.

Air Dock 2.0 car charger

Do not expect a really fast charging. It is as powerful as the average wireless charging pad out there so it takes around 2 and half hours to fully charge a smartphone.

Air Dock 2.0 is seriously a great wireless charger. It holds a smartphone perfectly in place. What is also great is the visibility as I mentioned before. You can easily adjust the angle of the dock to make your device face you. Also I would recommend getting the CD mount as that doesn’t get in the way. The suction cup style mounts might limit the view in your car.


If you are looking for a wireless charger for your car then the Air Dock 2.0 is the best charger for that. It just works really well and has high quality. I also like the simplicity of holding a smartphone with micro-suction surface and magnets.