Treblab XR500 Review

Treblab XR500 Review

If you have been browsing the vast selection of sporty Bluetooth headphones lately, then you have probably noticed the brand Treblab at least once. It seems like their headphones are absolutely everywhere and surprisingly well priced. Which made me do some research on the company and I found out that it’s relatively new. I mean it was only founded in 2015 and they only sell audio devices. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it did make me cautious. That said, the Treblab XR500 is still one of the best selling Bluetooth headphones and that definitely deserves a review.

In The Box

  • Treblab XR500 earbuds
  • 3 sets of silicone ear tips (Small, Medium, Large)
  • 3 sets of expandable foam ear tips
  • Carry case
  • Cable clip
  • MicroUSB to USB charging cable

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What can I really say about the earbuds design. If you have taken a look at sweat proof Bluetooth earbuds before then the XR500’s will most definitely look familiar. And not because you have seen the exact same model. But all of these sport inspired earbuds look pretty much the same. Especially in the cheaper price ranges. As in it has got the same old design as most other brands.

Treblab XR500 Design

This isn’t necessarily bad as it works and they are probably cheap to build. But for those who aren’t familiar, the Treblab XR500’s are made out of average quality plastic. Both ears have a small panels that include the earbuds and hooks. They are attached to one another via a flat cable. Which is definitely a nice addition as you don’t need to worry about it breaking or getting tangled. The cable can’t be removed. Also the ear hooks are made out of flexible plastic, which means that they take the shape of your ear. Pretty comfortable to wear, at least for me.

Treblab XR500 Buttons

The side panels include all the electronics and the battery. That’s why there is a small MicroUSB port there that’s used for charging. The same panel has also got all of the buttons for controlling the earbuds. Those include buttons for changing volume and a single power button that’s hidden inside the brands logo. Pretty clever of them in my opinion.

Unlike the other similar brands however, the XR500 comes in 5 different colors: black, black & silver, pink, purple and white! So you can choose the color that you like. This definitely gives plus points to Treblab as they stand out from the competitors with this simple but effective design alteration.

Treblab XR500 In The Box

Here’s everything that comes with the earbuds. You get a decent selection of different size ear tips. You actually get two different types. The most standard set is made out of silicone and pretty comfortable to use. Which isn’t surprising as they are pretty standard. The other set is made out of this expandable foam that should help with noise isolation. There is also a cable clip included that you can use to make the cable shorter. I found it quite useful when I took them for a run. You also get a carry case in case you want to take them on a trip. And of course a USB to MicroUSB cable for charging.

Wireless Performance

The Treblab XR500 connects to devices via Bluetooth. It doesn’t have an audio jack so there’s no way to connect it with a cable. The wireless range is around 10 m / 30 ft and this is in an open area. This is a pretty standard range among cheaper models. I don’t really have any problems with it, nor have I felt like I needed more range. 10 m / 30 ft is enough for me to leave my bag in the corner of the gym with my phone and comfortably walk around.

The only thing that you need to pay attention to is the battery life. You can expect to get around 8 hours of continuous music from the earbuds. Which isn’t that much if you use them daily. On the plus side, it only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge them.

Sound Quality

I have reviewed countless of similar Bluetooth earbuds before and I have never been disappointed with the sound quality. Thankfully I can still say that after using the Treblab XR500. Obviously you shouldn’t expect any high end audio quality from them but it’s still good. I’d even say better you’d expect from earbuds in its price range. What they work best with is EDM and rap music. Basically anything that has a lot of bass. That’s because bass is really the only feature that shines. Obviously you can listen to other genres as well but they will just sound plain and mediocre.

I have also seen some brands advertise “noise cancellation technology” but it’s always passive. That’s also the case with these earbuds. But unlike other brands, again, the XR500 comes with these expandable foam ear tips that take the shape of your ear canal. This way the external noise will be completely isolated and you’ll only hear whats coming from the earbuds. It works but the downside is that you’ll have to take them out if you want to hear what’s happening around you.


When I first found out about the Treblab XR500’s then I honestly expected them to be exactly like countless of other earbud clones. I’m quite glad that I was wrong. The small differences in design and extra accessories make this particular model stand out. Which is probably why it’s also one of the best selling budget Bluetooth earbuds to be honest. I can definitely see why people prefer it now. Treblab has done a fantastic job!