Treblab XR800 Review

Treblab XR800 Review

Treblab is a headphone company that has a wide range of different products. They have a bunch of Bluetooth earbuds that have been doing quite well. Well at least according to the high ratings I have noticed on Amazon. And it wasn’t long ago when I tested one of their models. That said, time has passed and it’s now time to try out the Treblab XR800 earbuds. According to sales page, it’s supposed to be an improved version of the XR500, which I also reviewed a while ago. Apparently the sound quality is supposed to be the same but the design is completely different. So let’s see which one is more comfortable and if the audio part is true as well.

In The Box

  • Treblab XR800 earbuds
  • 3 sets of silicone ear tips (Small, Medium, Large)
  • 3 sets of expandable foam ear tips
  • Carry case
  • MicroUSB to USB charging cable


According to Treblab, the XR800’s have an improved design. And I have to say that they are sort of right. I mean they do have a unique design. The previous version shared the design with a bunch of other earbud brands. Just different branding. But the XR800 looks much more modern and slim. I haven’t noticed any other similar looking earbuds before. So that’s definitely plus points for this model.

Treblab XR800 Design

That said, they still adapted some features from the previous design as well. Such as the flexible ear hooks that keep it around your ears. It definitely gets the job done as I have never had any problems with them coming out of my ears. They have also kept the plastic earbud panels that hold the speakers, rest of the electronics and the battery. And while they are much smaller, have a different design and shape, they still have the same purpose.

The panels do now have LED lights that indicate when the earbuds are paired up and powered. They have also included physical buttons on top of the panel. These are used to switch between songs and changing volume. The side of the panel has the power button and the TREBLAB logo written on it. You do get to choose between two colors: black and white. And they only change the color of the panel and one set of ear tips. So I personally prefer the black version as it blends in with the cable and hooks. Oh and yes these earbuds have a flat cable, which I’m really happy with as it’s much more durable.

Treblab XR800 In The Box

I have also included a picture of everything that you get with the Treblab XR800’s. Apart from the manual and the cardboard box of course. So besides the actual earbuds, you also get 3 sets of regular ear tips and 3 sets of foam ear tips. The foam ear tips take the shape of your ear canal and expand inside it. Which noticeably helps with noise isolation. They also feel much better than the standard silicone ones. The earbuds do come with a carry case as well. I personally only use it to store the MicroUSB to USB cable that’s used for charging. But I can see it being useful if you want to store them in a bag. Plus you can keep all of the extra ear tips inside it.

Wireless Performance

I have begun to realize that 99% of the earbuds, that are in the exact same price range, have got the exact same wireless connectivity. I’m guessing that they are using the same hardware. Which does make sense as they are mass produced and that probable makes them really cheap to use. But for those that aren’t familiar. These earbuds use Bluetooth to connect to devices. The wireless range that you can expect to get is around 10 m / 30 ft in an open space. Any concrete walls or obstacles in between the earbuds and your phone will limit that range. And I haven’t really had any problems with it.

You also get a similar amount of battery life. Which again I’m guessing is due to the size and price limitations. From the XR800’s you can expect to get around 8 hours of music. Which definitely isn’t as much as larger Bluetooth headphones but I mean it’s more than the current AirPod 2’s. It also takes around 1.5 hours to fully charge these.

Sound Quality

As I mentioned before, according to Treblab, the XR800 sounds exactly the same as the XR500. And after using both of them, I have to agree. It also makes sense as they both have the exact same speakers. But for those of you who aren’t familiar with other model or haven’t read my review, the XR800 sound pretty average. Which definitely isn’t a bad thing. You can definitely use them daily to listen to any kind of music. What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be expecting incredible treble ranges or high end audio quality. I mean you can’t get that from any earbuds in this price range.

That said, the earbuds still pack a surprisingly decent amount of bass. Which does work the best with rap music and EDM. Also avoid turning the volume above 70%. That’s really when you start to notice downsides of the audio quality. So they are great as long as you don’t want to destroy your ears.

The Treblab XR800’s do have a passive noise cancellation as well. This is achieved with the foam ear tips that I wrote about before. You shouldn’t be expecting any actual software noise cancellation from any earbuds in this price category. The technology is just too expensive for that. But still, the foam ear tips do work and they definitely do the job of insulating the noise of the outside world. Only downside is that you need to take them out of your ear every time you want to hear what’s going on around you.


The Treblab XR800 Bluetooth earbuds are basically a better looking version of the XR500. Everything else about them is exactly the same. They have the same audio quality, wireless range and battery life. So you are just basically paying a tad bit more for the nicer design. Which I agree, does look better and more unique. Now are these Bluetooth earbuds worth the money at all? That depends mostly on your budget. If you are looking for some cheap Bluetooth earbuds for working out, then you should definitely check them out.

That said I recommend reading other reviews as well. I have read plenty of customer opinions where the earbuds have failed after 5 months or so. But considering the amount of earbuds being sold daily, it seems to be the minority. I personally haven’t had anything happen to them yet so I’ll keep you guys updated if my opinion changes.