VersionTECH DVD Drive Review

VersionTECH DVD Drive Review

There’s a lot of computer accessories being sold on Amazon that are made by completely unknown brands. Some of them receive an incredible amount of praise and some don’t. Which seems to be quite risky from a consumer point of view. Which lead me to write a review on the VersionTECH DVD drive as not only is it unique but it’s also incredibly highly rated as well! So let’s take a look if the ratings are justified.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 142×138×16 mm / 5.6×5.4×0.6″
  • Weight: 340 g / 0.75 lbs
  • Loading type: Slot
  • DVD Writing Speed: Up to 8x DVD+RW
  • CD Writing Speed: Up to 24x CD-RW
  • Attached USB-A cable
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac operating systems

In The Box

  • VersionTECH DVD Drive
  • Manual


The VersionTECH external DVD drive looks pretty much exactly the same as the Apple USB SuperDrive! It actually looks so much alike that it’s hard to tell the difference at first. And I’m not even mad about it as it’s a beautiful and functional design.

What sets the two apart are the materials used. It doesn’t cost nearly as much as the Apple version so obviously they haven’t used any aluminium either. The drive is actually fully made out of plastic. They have tried to make it look like it’s made out of metal by giving it a silver finish. It’s obviously not as good as having actual aluminium but it still looks pretty good. And quite convincing from a far as well.

VersionTECH DVD Drive Design

The overall dimension of the VersionTECH DVD drive is 142×138×16 mm / 5.6×5.4×0.6″ and it weighs 340 g / 0.75 lbs. You can easily place it inside any laptop bag and bring it with you everywhere you go. The only annoying thing for me is that you can’t take off the cable on this either. I really wish they had made it removable because not only would it be easier to bring along but it would also be possible to change the cable if it should break.

What I do is like is that it still doesn’t have any physical buttons. There is only a slot on the front that eats the disc. And when you want to eject it, you’ll have to do it from the computer.


The optical drive technology has pretty much been fully developed. So it’s pretty hard to find an external drive that doesn’t work well nowadays. And not only that, they are all also just as fast. So basically the drive has a maximum read and write speed of 8x for DVD’s and 24x for CD’s. Exactly the same specs as on any other competitor.

Overall the VersionTECH DVD drive works as well as any other model. It performs exactly like you’d expect from it and it does also reach the speeds advertised. There aren’t any special features on it either. Other than the slot loading type of course.

What does make this particular model better than the Apple SuperDrive however is that it’s also compatible with the Windows OS. It doesn’t require installing any drivers or programs. Just plug it in and you are good to go.


So are the positive ratings justified? In my opinion absolutely. VersionTECH has done a great job at making a cheaper more affordable version of the Apple SuperDrive. It’s a great alternative for those who like the design but run a Windows operating system. Plus it works just as well so they have most definitely done a great job.