VOLT Wireless Charging Power Bank

VOLT Wireless Charging Powerbank

Wireless chargers have been the same for a while now. The only real improvement we have lately seen is adding the feature to power banks. Which has been getting more and more popular. The biggest problem has been the design though. Most power banks are just flat and you can’t really use your phone while it’s wireless charging. Plus they usually look kind of boring and cheap. That’s about to change with the brand new VOLT wireless charging power bank that was recently revealed on Kickstarter.

VOLT is exactly what you’d want from a wireless charging power bank. It looks great, has an interesting foldable design and it can charge 99% of the phones available. That also includes the newest iPhone 8 and X.

VOLT Wireless Qi Powerbank

The wireless charger is designed to fit every environment. Unlike other power banks, you can unfold the charger and turn it into a charging dock. This allows you to keep your phone in a way that you can still use it, even while it’s charging. That’s a massive step ahead from it’s competitors and makes it look like a typical Qi wireless charger. The only difference, no cable! The design has also got some other interesting features. Such as 3 different adapters (MicroUSB, Lightning USB-C) that you can plug into the stand and charge your phone that way. So even if someone you know doesn’t have Qi wireless charging, then they can still use it to charge their phone that way.

VOLT has also got a 8000 mAh battery built inside. That’s enough power to fully charge your phone up to 2.5 times. Depending on the model of course. For example you can charge a Samsung Galaxy S8 for 2 times and an iPhone X up to 1.4 times. And the power bank can be charged through a microUSB port. VOLT also plans to come out with a modular charging station called the VOLT HIVE. The HIVE can charge up to 5 VOLT wireless chargers at the same time. At the moment it’s designed for businesses.

As of 03/01/2018, VOLT has already reached their €25000 goal with 17 more days to go. If you have been looking for a Qi wireless charging power bank like the VOLT, then I recommend heading to Kickstarter or their official website.