Wicked Ball Keeps Your Pets Active

Wicked Ball Pets Toy

Having pets is a massive responsibility. And there’s nothing worse than leaving your pet alone at home. They can get extremely lonely and sometimes even break your furniture. Or simply drag a toilet roll across your rooms. But what’s worse, they can even get depressed. That’s why it’s important to keep your pets active and excited even when you aren’t there. How do I suggest we do that? Well let me introduce you Wicked Ball, a smart toy that keeps your pets happy while you aren’t there!

Wicked Ball is a smart and interactive toy that was created by Cheerble. They are the same company that also created the super popular Wickedbone! But this time they have created an interactive ball that can be played with by both cats and dogs!

Cheerble Wicked Ball

The smart toy has a built in ARM Cortex-M0 processor, 2 high torque DC motors and a 6-axis motion tracker. The processor, paired with the motion tracker, is capable of detecting collision and adjust movement based on your pets action. For example the ball can detect when your pet has touched it and then increase the speed to move faster. Or it can even rotate or jump. All of these actions are controlled by complex algorithms that the company has developed for years.

But most importantly, the Wicked Ball is completely safe for your pets. They have used extremely durable materials that can survive bites and scratches. They are completely safe to chew on. But if they do somehow manage get through the outer shell, then the ball will stop immediately. Oh and the ball is also waterproof and easily washable! The Wicked Ball is charged with a USB cable that’s included. The battery can last anywhere from 100 minutes to 8 hours. It completely depends on the activity level you choose.

The Cheerble Wicked Ball is currently available as pre-order on Indiegogo. The cheapest ball is 30% off and you can get it for $34. They plan to start delivery in July 2019!