WICKEDBONE: The Smart Dog Bone

Wickedbone Interactive Smart Dog Toy

Wickedbone is the worlds first truly smart and interactive toy for dogs. It was recently introduced by an Australian company called the Cheerble Technology Co Ltd, who is known for manufacturing pet related electronic devices!

The idea behind it is simple. The most common problem we have with our dogs is leaving them home alone. They often become bored and have nothing to do for hours during this time. And that’s what Wickedbone is supposed to solve. It’s a bone shaped toy that interacts with your dog to keep them busy and exercise while you are away from home. It even comes with an app that allows you to control it!

Wickedbone Dog Toy Design

The toy has also been designed as safe as possible for your dog. The outside of it is made out of Polycarbonate that is both soft and strong enough for your dog to run after and bite into. And you can change all the tires if they end up being damaged.

Sounds great but what about the battery life? Well according to Cheerble Technology the Wickedbone should last at least 40 minutes in the drive mode, 4 hours in interactive mode and 3 months in sleep mode! So your dog should get at least 4 hours of fantastic bone chasing fun while you are away!

The Wickedbone is currently available on Kickstarter. The company is looking to raise funds to start large scale production and as of the 11th May, it seems that they have reached it. As of today, they have managed to raise AU$ 41,377 with 33 days left to go! If this is something that you’d like for your dog to have, then go ahead and visit their Kickstarter page. There are still some early bird deals available which get you the Wickedbone for AU$ 69 (retail price AU$ 99). They plan to start shipping in July 2018.